Why Golf Should Be A Family Sport


As we all know golf has got a bit of a reputation for being something wealthy people, do when they get old. Just look at how much time ex-businessmen and politicians spend at the golf club. But when you think about it, there’s nothing about the sport that says it has to be this way. There’s every reason for families to get involved too. Here’s why.


Bragging Rights And Camaraderie

There’s no denying it, golf is fun, especially when you win. Remember, this is one of the most technical sports out there. And, on shorter courses, size doesn’t matter. This is one of the sports where, for once, you and your kids are on a level playing field. Obviously, don’t haul them to a full-length course with 500-yard holes. Take them to the local pitch and putt for a round of 18 and you’ll be back in time for dinner.

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Kids Training


There are also loads of places you can take your kids to get trained and excited about the sport. One of the most prestigious is the PGA Junior League. Here kids compete with each other wearing team jerseys. The League uses all the latest tech, including things like rangefinders and swing simulators. Kids play in teams in the Junior League, and there’s no minimum skill requirement. Everybody can get involved. The PGA Junior League knows how important it is that parents and children can spend time together. So they also put on meals and events where everybody can get together and talk.



Perfect For Couples To Keep Active


Golf is one of those sports that keeps you active but doesn’t require a massive amount of fitness. That means it's perfect for parents who don’t feel up to doing more strenuous activities, like biking or team sports. Golf is such a relaxing way to get activity, you often hardly notice it. And for that reason, many couples find that they can keep going for years and years. In a nutshell, it’s sustainable.


Driving Lessons


No doubt you want your kids to drive. But you’d rather they didn’t spend the first five lessons working out where the steering wheel is. Some parents over at pga.com’s Facebook page have been known to get their kids driving in the golf cart. It’s good practice, they say, for when they actually come to drive. It should be noted that we do not condone this behavior.


Quality Family Time

How much quality time does your family get to spend together each week? According to the statistics, it’s about 49 minutes a day. That’s not a lot when you think about it. Here’s where golf comes to the rescue. First of all, it gives kids something to do with their hands, so they’re not just tapping on their smartphones. And secondly, it gives the whole family a focus. There’s actually a point to doing what everybody is doing. And that means that kids get engaged.



You Get To Share Your Successes With The People You Love

Sometimes you hit a great shot while you’re on the green. But what does it matter if there’s nobody there to see it? Getting your family involved means that they get to see all your best moments.

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