Advice For Women To Survive A Camping Trip In Autumn!


Camping is one of the best holiday options for your family when the Autumn arrives. You get to explore the outdoors and see plenty of nature. However, camping is often dreaded by women as you have to rough it for a few nights! There might not be a decent shower or toilet during your trip! Here is some advice for women to survive a camping trip in Autumn!

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You need waterproof makeup


One thing you need to survive a camping trip in Autumn is some waterproof makeup. The weather is often unpredictable during this season, so you need to prepare for a downpour. You don’t want to have makeup on when you head out, and then have it all falling down your face if you get stuck out in the rain. Therefore, you need to pick up some waterproof makeup to wear on your trip. You can then still feel like you look good, and won’t have to worry about it while you are out on walks during your camping holiday!


Pack the dry shampoo


Another piece of advice women need to survive a camping trip in Autumn is you need to pack some dry shampoo. If there aren’t great showers at your campsite, there’s a chance you won’t be able to have a decent hair wash during the trip. You should consider packing some dry shampoo, which will ensure your hair still looks great in between washes. You can even get some for the kids, just in case you can’t wash their hair. You can find some of the best dry shampoos to buy in this article.



You need to take comfortable and warm clothing


You also need to make sure you buy some comfortable and warm clothing to survive a camping trip in Autumn. You are going to be walking around and want to stay warm. You need to ensure you wear plenty of layers so you can keep warm. You should buy a waterproof coat so that you don’t get a chill if you get stuck out in the rain. You should also avoid tops made from cotton as it will take ages to dry. As for trousers, you need a comfortable pair which will keep your legs nice and warm. As the temperature drops, we've noticed lots of catalogs hawking flannel-lined jeans. These will stop you from getting a chill. Remember you need a great pair of walking shoes or boots as well. These will keep your feet protected during the long days walking during your camping trip.


You need plenty of wipes


Another piece of advice women need to survive a camping trip in Autumn is you need plenty of wipes. You will find your hands get dirty when you are out during the days. You might get mud on your hands while lighting the fire, or leaving the tent, and might not have a sink in close proximity. Therefore, wipes will ensure you are clean again while out in the outdoors.


Remember to pack some bug spray so you're safe when camping. And ensure you have a warm sleeping bag to keep you comfortable at night. Here are some other things you need to pack for the whole family!

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    Great tips! This would surely help out lots of women out there who loves to camp. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to more.

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