Get Ready for Summer with Kamik


Being a boy Mom I'm always on the lookout for clothes and shoes that can stand up to the rugged nature of Dustin.  I don't know how he does it but by the middle of Summer his shoes look like they've been on the adventure of a lifetime so this year I decided I would find a pair of shoes that can keep up with him.

Get Ready for Summer with Kamik

Get Ready for Summer with Kamik

Kamik has been around for over 100 years and they're all about being outside.  This Canada-based company is still owned by the Cook Family; they've never stopped innovating, striving for zero waste and continuing to pursue sustainable paths for their products, facilities and operations, which allows them to stand out and maintain local jobs.

Fun Fact – All of the Canadian-made Kamik rubber boots are 100% recyclable, and enough rubber is recycled to produce 175,000 black boots each year.

Kamik Crab Sandals

Kamik’s Crab sandals make it easy for kids to run free and go where their imagination takes them. With closed toes and heel, it’s the ideal gear for day camp!  Dustin loves the velcro strap and one-pull bungee lacing system because it allows him to be out the door the quickest.

As a Mom I love this hybrid of durable shoe and lightweight sandal with quick drying moisture wicking lining because no matter where we are or what we're doing he's ready to go!  Frank loved the quality of the COVE synthetic rubber outsole which is perfect for summer hikes.  The Kamik Crab sandals come in kids sizes 11-7 and three different colors, with a price tag of $45.

Dustin loves Kamik

I'm thrilled we were able to find a summer shoe that makes us both happy!  We can't wait to start our summer adventures including a day hike to local waterfalls, camping in the National Parks and riding our bikes.  These crab sandals will be perfect for back to school as long as his feet don't decide to sprout again.

You'll love Kamik but not just for summer shoes, they offer a complete line of footwear so no matter the conditions, you can always step outside and enjoy the weather.

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