Geocaching A Family Friendly Activity


We have been trying to find a family friendly activity that involves the outdoors and us being together and we were lucky enough to find Geocaching!  It is a fun treasure hunt type activity that can be super easy or really hard depending on the cache you choose.  The kids are both able to do most of the caches we've been to and they're simple to find for the most part, we like to pack a picnic lunch to have along the journey and just have fun being together.

To better explain it I copied the sample email that gets sent out to people I choose:


Princess Bear (Username: princessbear) invites you to become a member. It's free!

What is geocaching? It's a high-tech outdoor treasure hunting game that's a great way to explore the world with friends, family or on your own. Participants use GPS-enabled devices to locate hidden containers called geocaches.

There are over one million geocaches hidden around the world today, waiting for you to find them. Visit to search for geocaches near you.

On top of being free the best part about it is most of us have phones that are equipped with a GPS so other than a few little trinkets to leave at a cache, if you're going to take something, you are all set to go!  So check out the geocaching website, and if you sign up add me as a friend!  Search your area you might find places you didn't know about before.

Go out with your family and have some fun this weekend!  If you have any questions I will attempt to answer them best I can but the site has a great FAQ section as well as mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and I'm sure many others.

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