Fuller House Premieres on Netflix!


It seems like yesterday my sister and I would count down until we could watch the next episode of Full House, hard to believe it started almost 30 years ago.  When Full House came to Netflix I passed on the tradition of watching it to my kids.  I love the family dynamic, heartfelt messages and the importance of family and friends the show shares.

Fuller House Cast

Now we get to share the excitement of Fuller House together!

What I love about Fuller House is it brings the original cast back, except for Michelle, so you can see how everyone has grown together.  I love how they are still a close family and support each other!  Our favorite part is Kimmy Gibbler, she is that best friend that you can't help but love all her little quirks because that's what makes her special.

Kimmy Gibbler Fuller House

Everyone has to find their own place in the family now that DJ is on her own with her three boys and of course Stephanie and Kimmy are there to lend support.  You'll be laughing, crying and wanting more!  The show is full of surprises and similarities to Full House.  I think my favorite parts are when they reminisce about the old days.

Steve and Steph Fuller House

I don't know about you but I'll be watching the whole series in one sitting!  Time to make the popcorn, turn off my phone and put on my sweatpants!  I hope you enjoy Fuller House as much as I do.

Fuller House Premieres on Netflix!

Once you're done binge-watching Fuller House here are some great Netflix picks from the cast that are great for the whole family:


Have you seen Fuller House yet?  What was your favorite part?


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  1. Yes I have and my kids are big fans especially my younger daughter. She really wanted to invite Candace to her birthday. Loves John Stamos too. LOL. My younger girl is waiting for the new season!!

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