Five Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies for Busy Moms


Holidays can be enjoyable and they don't have to ruin your fitness routine or your healthy eating habits.

As a busy Mom sometimes the holiday season gets a little crazy with all the holiday parties, planning and preparing for a houseful of guests over the Christmas break.  While you do deserve a nice restful holiday season there is no reason why you should forgo your healthy eating habits and sabotage all your hard work.  I've got five holiday eating strategies you'll be able to follow and enjoy yourself without denying a few treats here and there!

1.  Eat Before The Party

Depriving yourself of the delicious meals you have craved the whole year is likely to have a reverse effect.  It is best if you eat a light snack before heading to the party. Or if you don't have time to eat a light snack before the party start eating the healthier choices on the table first. That way when it is time for heavier meals and desserts, you will eat less without even noticing. Remember to eat slowly and chew completely.

Drink enough water throughout the day to reduce the feeling of hunger and boost your metabolism!

2.  Keep Track Of What You Eat

You will not instantly notice a change in your body if you decide to give up on healthy living for a while. Right after the holiday season, however, you will see the unpleasant difference. This is why it is important to keep track of what you eat during the holidays. Keeping a diary of your food and daily workouts will help you stay on track.  I personally LOVE my FitBit because I set my daily goal for step counts and make sure I hit it daily no matter what we're doing.

3.  Don’t Shop Hungry

Rule number one – never go shopping hungry. Shopping centers are full of high carb foods that will tempt even the most diligent. Be sure to make yourself a healthy snack before stepping out to do your holiday shopping and take a bottle of water with you.

4.  Healthy Food At Work

The last days of work are full of holiday and end of the year parties. People are usually in the best of moods and you probably do not get much work done.  Be prepared for this type of work environment and make sure to pack a healthy lunch and snacks. If you bring something to the company potluck let it be something you know is a healthier option. Remember if you're going to splurge do it in moderation!

5.  Get A Little Help From A Friend

It is always more fun to get in shape with the help of a friend. Find a like-minded person to support you in your quest for surviving the holidays without gaining weight.  Continuing to work out during the holidays is important as it will not only help you maintain your weight but will give you a boost of energy and regulate your appetite. Plus it will be that much easier to continue long after the holidays are over.

Start using these five holiday strategies and you will be on your way to a happy holiday season!

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