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I've been busy travelling lately so haven't had much time to do anything for myself.  But funny story with that I don't normally like doing social things – I know I can do videos and blog posts all about myself but I don't like social things.  Call me weird but it seriously takes a lot of effort for me to actually push myself into those situations and talk to people, don't get me wrong I usually always have fun I just wouldn't pick a big social gathering as my ideal night out.

So back to time for myself, I had a girlfriend invite me to the Hospital Auxiliary Fashion Show Fundraiser this past Thursday night and it was a blast!  They take clothes that are donated to their thrift store and model them on stage and you get to bid on them live!!  It was the funnest auction I have ever been to.

The Catwalk

I ended up winning 3 outfits at auction ranging from $10-60 and got some cute find out of it including a couple blazers, a new Vegas dress (sparkly, shiny, low back, fun!), a pair of tall heeled boots, and a couple things I'm going to mail to my Granny.  I also won a silent auction prize and had a blast with the ladies at the table.

This fundraiser gala was the best I had been to the ticket cost $25 to get in the door and included a free drink and appies!  I was lucky enough to be at a reserved tables with ladies I knew so we all had a blast together and the conversation was always entertaining.   The craziest bid of the night was $900 for a fur coat, which we were all shocked at but hey some lucky lady went home with a lovely new coast and made a LARGE donation to the health care auxiliary fund.

Our table near the end of the night

I have to say I'm glad I went and was able to force myself into the situation, not that it was torture just a challenge for me.  Talk about getting out of my comfort zone ;).  I forgot to take a picture of us all dressed up, didn't even think of it until I got home and really who wants to see a picture of just me.

I'll be purchasing a ticket or two for next year for another fun girls night out and to support a great cause!  What do you like doing for a girls night out?

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