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Back to school means no more lazy summer days where there are no planners to sign, bedtimes to abide by and most of all dates to keep straight.  It is one thing to miss a backyard bbq but another to miss picture day at school or a parent-teacher meeting.  Setting up a family communication center is great way to make sure that all important family information is organized.

Do you think creating a family communication center would help you stay organized?

The communication center is the perfect way to keep track of homework, bills, recipes, important paperwork, schedules and much more. Most of the time these important documents are in several places throughout the home, making it hard to stay organized. Having one central location will ensure you always know where to find important family information.

Family Communication Center

Creating the Perfect Family Communication Center

It is important to remember that the perfect family communication center is what works for YOU and your family.  There are a ton of resources online and everyone has their own way of doing things but if you don't make it functional for your family it will never get used.  Trust me I've learned that from experience!  Our bags end up on the kitchen table with papers thrown about the counters and I've tried numerous time to make them move it to the entrance but have failed so I make it work in the kitchen but with a little organization.  I am more than happy to share a few of my tips that have worked the best for us.

Use Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Using a whiteboard or bulletin board is an easy way to quick place to jot down or pin up things that are very important. Weekly menu plan, reminders, shopping lists, or school forms to sign should go up on the board.

Add Some Organization

In order for the family communication center to work properly, the communication center needs to be organized! Create a special spot for each family member whether it is a bin, folder, or chair in the kitchen make sure they know what space belongs to them.  Have a visible calendar and even binders for things like take out menus, coupons, school forms, or important information for babysitters.

Family Calendar

The best thing we implemented was not only syncing our smartphone calendars but having one HUGE calendar on the fridge!  I decided to color code based on each person in the family (Frank has blue, I have pink, Cheyenne has purple, and Dustin has red) so we know who is where and when they have to be there.  The family calendar also makes it easy for planning playdates and vacations because everyone sees the calendar on the fridge every day.

Set up a Charging Station

Putting together a charging station in your communication center is a great way to organize all of the wires from electronics. Instead of having cords plugged in all over the house, set up a surge protector and have one central location for the electronics.  This is also useful for the tweens and teens in the house with phones or electronics that need to be shut off at a certain time.

Just remember when you are setting up your family communication center to keep in mind what is most useful and creates the least amount of change so everyone can easily follow it!


What's your best organizing tip?


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