Families In The Fast Lane: Make ‘Get Out And Go’ Quick and Easy!


Ask any stay-at-home parent about their day and what will you hear? Probably that they rarely stay at home! If you're like me you have no idea where the time goes or what you've been up to but you feel constantly on the go.  I honestly have suitcases sitting in all our rooms that haven't been unpacked now and we just reuse them the next time we hit the road, its sad but true.  From traveling to field trips or family fun activities we're always on the go it seems so I've put together a few quick and easy ways to make get out and go easier on all of us.

Families In The Fast Lane: Make ‘Get Out And Go' Quick and Easy!

I find being ready for anything at any moment is the best way to be.  Sometimes we might be out snowmobiling and hanging out around the campfire or fishing at the trout hatchery our life is never boring but sometimes we don't know what the day has in store either which creates a lot of chaos.  So how do you get ready for the unexpected?  Simple its all about the get out and go fun!

A Day At The Park

Two kids and walking to and from the park can be a challenge. We love the Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella because it gives the kids shade to and from the park, is a great place to rest and have our snack/lunch and a covered storage area so you can leave your things in the wagon while you're busy playing!  The cooler easily attaches to the wagon so you don't have to lug it along and pull the kids.

A Trip To The Mall

A trip to the mall doesn't have to be chaos.   The Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller makes it easy and  has four functions:

  • infant seating – accommodates an infant car seat and features a large basket in the back
  • maximum storage – offers traditional seating for one child and a large basket in the back
  • stand option – allows the second child to ride standing up on the rear of the stroller
  • back-to-back seating – allows the older child to turn around and rest on the padded rear seat

This stroller is a lifesaver and great in the mall, at the zoo or wherever you know the older sibling will tire from walking and you don't want to have to pack them around or start a fight making them walk.  Pair this stroller with a few healthy snacks in your purse and you'll be a happy Mom too!


Airports, Sleepovers and Grandma's House

Kids love being responsible and the feeling of independence. The Trunki Boostapak Kids Backpack is a full-featured backpack that easily converts into a portable, kid-sized booster seat that is overhead bin friendly. The seat has storage on each side for drinks, snacks and books as well as a few stuffies so they can keep all their important stuff with them and have a car seat for on the go no matter where you are!


Family Supplies

A backpack is a lifesaver especially on hot day.  The Igloo Duck Dynasty Realtree Backpack Cooler is a full-size backpack with an insulated pocket for food and drinks and a handy mesh cargo net for wet clothes. When kids get hungry or thirsty on those day trips or errands, the Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Ice Packs will keep your food and drinks cold on the go!  I don't have the exact pack but one very similar that must be outdated and we love it, its perfect for quick day trips and is easy to pack.


What are your tips to get out and go quick and easy?





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