Craft Ideas for Kids – Keep it Simple


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Every kids loves to do craft projects whether they're simple, creative or structured.  I find the most fun we have crafting is when we can use our imaginations and get creative.  There is nothing wrong with putting crafting supplies on the table and letting the kids let there imagination run wild on paper!  We've had fun creating specific crafts too like:

One thing I find is you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun and make some great crafts.  Head to the dollar store or goodwill and purchase beads, pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers, feathers, yarn, lace, buttons, and anything else that looks like fun.  I put it all into a small plastic bin with lid and our craft box came to life!

Craft Ideas for Children – Keep it Simple

We have since added to the bin with a small hot glue gun, paints, stickers, markers, crayons, cotton balls, sequins, and a ton of other stuff but we limit ourselves to the one bin!

The best thing we've purchased lately is at the dollar store, a portfolio pad!  The kids love it because they have big pages to create and go wild on.  We can tear out the pages and display their art work or they can keep it as a scrapbook. It truly has endless possibilities!

The best part about the pin and sketch pad is they are easy to take with us anywhere we go!  We've taken them on road trips, camping, and even to the park.  Remember with kids the best thing to do is keep it simple and let their imagination grow when it comes to crafts there is no wrong way to do them!


What's your favorite craft to do with kids?


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