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Many of you may or may not know about Epicure Selections!  They are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company based in Victoria that is women led!  Not many companies around these days are lead by strong, independent women.  They offer the finest quality food products, using the best ingredients available in today’s world market that are perfect for healthy, delicious and easy mealtime solutions.  Products are primarily delivered through the home party system but online orders are becoming more popular every day.

With Epicure Selections I am able to cut the sodium in my diet to almost 1/4 of what I can find in items off the shelf at a regular grocery store.  Take my chicken noodle soup for example.  The products that Epicure offers are superior and the quality is amazing compared to anything I can find in stores and prep time on using their stock is huge compared to making my own.

Epicure Selections Specials

Every month Epicure offers new specials for hosts and customers that are unbeatable against their regular prices!  Take the August specials for example:

Epicure Selections

I personally will be putting in an order this August to stock up on some of our favorite Montreal Steak Rub!  The rub is delicious to use with your favorite steak and presents flavors with this bold steakhouse blend of pepper, garlic, onion, red bell pepper, herbs and spices.

Why not start your own Epicure Selections home business and use all the products in the comfort of your home and share them with friends?  The investment to get started is as low as $99 with the mini kit and the Easy Start program!  You get a ton of amazing products in your kit valued at $289 but only available for a limited time.  You'll start earning 25% with your first sale!

Epicure Selections Business Opportunity

Epicure Selections Business Opportunity

As a bonus if you email me at epicure@realmomma.com and sign up before the end of July 2013 with an order from friends/family that totals $250 I will send you your kit with the order FREE of charge right to your door!  Make sure to let me know you read this post!

I can't say enough about the products we use them every day in our house.  Whether we are baking and using the cinnamon or vanilla or we are having bbq with steak rubs and bacon, cheese and chives dip on our potatoes we use the products each and every day.  If you are trying to make healthier choices in your life or want to make some extra money this company will help you reach your goals!  There are a ton of amazing recipes that can be found at Epicure Selections Recipes.  And as always feel free to ask any questions.

Epicure also offers a great fundraising program to help you raise money NOW for the clubs your kids belong to, schools, or maybe for a girlfriends night out!!

As always please let me know if you have any questions!

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