Body Lovin’ Yoga Poses


In yoga we focus on being present; always moving forward, never looking backward. A new inhale gives us the opportunity to start over. It helps calm the mind, relieve stress and induce a feeling a peace. Yoga can also help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety; for those of us experiencing more than symptoms associated with the occasional bad day, stressful work meeting or fight with your significant other. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder or have panic attacks, like some 40 Million other Americans, supported corpse pose can help relieve tension and manage any symptoms you might be experiencing. The cat and cow flow can have a calming, moving meditation quality to it. This mini flow is also great for detoxifying the body, removing toxins from our internal organs and improving digestion.

Body Lovin’ Yoga Poses

cat flow

Cat Pose by Hannah Mongiat

Cow and Cat Flow

cow pose yoga

Cow Pose by Hannah Mongiat

Begin by coming to all fours on the mat. Knees are hip width and hips are stacked over your knees. Shoulders are stacked over elbows and elbows over wrists. Your wrists are shoulder width. Inhale, let your belly sink toward the mat as your head and tailbone raise up toward the ceiling into Cow Pose. Exhale, tuck your tailbone and chin toward your chest and you push up out of your shoulder joints in to Cat Pose. Flow between these two poses for 5-10 sets.

supported corpse pose

Supported Corpse Pose by Hannah Mongiat

Supported Corpse Pose

This is one of my favorite restorative poses. Its benefits include deep relaxation, connecting with the breath and self-acceptance. This is a great time to work on your breath or meditation.

From Bridge, roll your hips down one vertebrae at a time. Extend your legs down. If you don’t already have a towel rolled up like a cylinder, do so now. Place one end next to your sacrum (when you sit up, you will place one end right up against your tailbone). The towel should be in the center of your mat with the other end facing the top of your mat. Lie back down, keeping your spine on top of the towel. Bring our arms out into a ‘T’ position. You want your head to be supported in this posture, so check in with yourself and make any adjustments you need to. Stay here as long as you would like. I would recommend at least 5 minutes.

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