Bad Moods and Gloomy Feelings: There’s an App or Two for That


Bad Moods and Gloomy Feelings Theres an App or Two for That

There are not many of us who manage to go through life with a permanent smile on our face and it’s perfectly normal of course to feel a bit fed up from time to time.

What you do to lift that temporary cloud hanging over you will make all the difference to how quickly you lift your mood and put that smile back on your face, and there are a few apps around that can help you do that.

Here is a look at some useful apps to banish the gloom and doom, from a way to monitor your mood via your facial expressions, how to harness the benefits of adult coloring books, plus an insight into accessing useful breathing exercises and learning the art of meditation.

Mood mapping technology

Scientists based at Cambridge University in the UK have been working on developing a way to monitor your facial expressions as a way of predicting what sort of mood you are in.

They have termed their work as mood mapping technology and what the app does is scans your face for signs of emotions. It claims to be able to spot hidden feelings and identify your true emotional state.

The app has been developed in partnership with a food delivery service, so presumably, it knows when you need a pick-me-up pizza or if a fiery Mexican meal is just what you need to lift your mood.

Do something colorful

If your favorite food is not going to lighten the mood another stress-busting alternative that is now very popular is to get yourself an adult coloring book.

There are apparently a number of health and brain benefits associated with adult coloring books and you only have to look at how much kids enjoy this activity to realize that there is something in that theory.

Coloring is understood to calm your amygdala, which is the part of your brain that processes fear and stress responses. Even a short coloring session can also help improve your focus and inspire you to get more creative, so it could be a winning strategy if you are looking for something to lift the gloom.

You can also get a coloring book app on Google Play, which is a great idea as you then have instant access on your smartphone whenever you feel the need to calm yourself down with a coloring activity.

Don’t forget to breathe

There are plenty of useful breathing exercises that you can learn to manage your stress and gain back control of your emotions, and there some apps available that will help you to manage and reduce stress.

You might want to try Breathe2Relax if you want some instructions and suggested exercises in diaphragmatic breathing. It also gives you some useful information on how stress affects your body.

Happify is a brain-training app that teaches you how to combat negative feelings, and Headspace promises to make the art of meditation easier to grasp and give your mind a workout that will lift your mood.

All of these apps might just help you combat any gloomy thoughts and put a smile back on your face.


Matthew Connolly is a life coach who was a therapist before. He helps people to find their creativity and passion, manage their stress and anxiety and lead a happier, healthier life.


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