Alberta Bound: Getting the Whole Family On Board for the Big Move


Alberta, Canada has experienced increasing job growth over the past few years. The energy sector has provided thousands of new jobs to the area, but other areas, such as manufacturing, healthcare and transportation have also grown significantly. If you are planning a move to Alberta to take advantage of new employment opportunities, you can make the move easier by involving your family in the preparation for this new time in your lives.

Get Them Involved Early

 Once you know you will be moving, alert other family members to the upcoming event. If you have children, it's important to give them as much advance warning as possible so that they can become accustomed to the idea of living in a different home in a new area with new friends. They may have difficulty imaging life in new circumstances, and parents can help support them through this time of uncertainty by involving them in the planning stages.

Finding New Housing

 Looking for a new home can take time and energy, but the Internet has made this task easier. Researching properties through a new home listing service is a good way to find a residence with all the features you need. These listings can also help to get all family members involved in planning new arrangements for school and other activities in their new location.

Visiting the New Location

 Experts recommend at least one visit to the new area to see a prospective home and to investigate amenities in the new location. Both younger children and teens will benefit from seeing the new location, allowing them to let go of their previous home and picturing themselves in their new lives.

What To Pack and What To Leave Behind

 Packing can be a laborious task that can involve some measure of emotional involvement for both children and adults. Let children help decide which toys and furnishings are brought to the new location. Provide some input in the decision-making, but allow them some leeway to choose what is most important to them.

Exploring the New Neighborhood

 Once you have made the move, plan a few days for the whole family to explore the new neighborhood and its environs. This action will help children find opportunities for establishing new activities and friendships. Moms will benefit from finding vital shopping venues and other important services in the new area.

Involving Everyone in Decorating the New Home

 Making your new home your own is an important part of feeling established and comfortable in your new surroundings. Making your home a comfortable and convenient environment can take time and thought, but it is an endeavor that produces emotional rewards. Even small children can help to decorate their own room in a style they enjoy. Teens, especially, enjoy arranging their surroundings to reflect their own individual personalities. These activities can help to provide a sense of control and optimism in their new location.

Although a move to a new location can be a disruptive experience for families, maintaining a positive attitude and a solid plan of action can help to make the change easier.


Robert McAllister is a businessman with an intimate knowledge of relocating a family and a business to a new area. He likes to share his experience on all aspects of balancing work and family demands and is a regular contributor for a variety of business and lifestyle websites.

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