A Modern Look for a Very Old Style: Why Freestanding Tubs are Gaining Popularity Again


The latest wave of the freestanding tubs is making its presence known in the world of bathroom designs. These pieces of art are attention-grabbing due to their elegance and the value they add to a home. They are preferred for their esthetic features as well as the deep soak they offer. Whether you are looking to add this tub as a new model or as a makeover to your bathroom, you’ll realize that the freestanding tub instantly offers the feeling of spa that many homeowners look for.

A Modern Look for a Very Old Style: Why Freestanding Tubs are Gaining Popularity Again


One of the reasons why the elegant freestanding tub is gaining popularity again is their design, the space they offer, and the unavoidable luxury that accompanies their utilization. These tubs come in beautiful traditional designs as well as modern and pared-back shapes with metallic and on-trend colors to fit every home.  While the weight is an issue that needs to be considered, these types of tubs are easier to replace, repair, and move around.

Size of Tub

The freestanding bathtubs can be found in various dimensions. Most suppliers offer these tubs between 45 and 75 inches long or beyond. A typical width of the tubs starts at 25 inches and stretches to 45 inches or wider.

Another factor you need to remember when you want to purchase a bathtub is who will be using the model. If you are a petite individual, and you intend to use the bathtub alone, then something that is a little bit compact can be ideal for your case. Nevertheless, if you are tall, or you intend to use the tub with other people at the same time, it is advisable to look for something bigger.  Also, you need to remember that freestanding bathtubs are amazing when they are not surrounded by a generous negative space. This implies that you need to consider a tub that will not completely dominate the bathroom space.


As opposed to the standard inset models, the freestanding tubs often come with larger dimensions and will need a larger space for installation. A large tub that has been shoehorned in a small corner or a tiny room often appears cramped. Therefore, you will need to map out the installation area by placing pieces of paper where the tub will stand to show its footprint. You should also consider plumbing since you’ll require water pipes and waste pipes to drain away the water. Even so, the installation process is straightforward, making them preferable compared to the in-built tubs.


While the main feature of the freestanding tub is that it allows you to enjoy a soak, other options make these models ideal. Due to technological advancement, it is now possible for anyone to enjoy the additional features and style of these tubs. Other features which make them popular include aspects such as whirlpool jets, air bath technology, and a heated surface.

When looking for a freestanding tub to add to your bathroom, there are some factors you’ll need to consider. Because these models play more of a starring role compared to the integrated models, you’ll discover that the emphasis on appearance and design are a larger part of the overall consideration.

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