7 Things Moms Shouldn’t Forget When Getting the Kids Ready for the School Year


7 Things Moms Shouldnt Forget When getting the Kids Ready for the School Year

Getting your children ready for the new school year can be both exciting and chaotic. During this busy time, many moms forget to get items and do things that will benefit their children. If you find your life hectic during this time, use our checklist below to help remind you of seven things you shouldn't forget when getting your kids ready for the school year.

Wait to Get a School Supply List before Buying School Supplies
Many parents make the mistake of purchasing supplies before school starts. Get your child the basics, like pencils and paper, to get them going on the first day of school and wait for the school supply list before buying other items you may not necessarily need.

Pick a Backpack that is Sturdy and Will Last the Whole Year
Back to school shopping is a stressful time to begin with. When you are shopping, your children will want the backpack that is “cool” and “hip”, sadly those may be the ones that do not last and you will be going back to the store to purchase another backpack a few months down the road. Find a backpack with sturdy material and strong straps.

Plan and Prep Breakfast and Lunch Ahead of Time
You will be amazed at how much easier your mornings will be if you plan in advance what your kids will have for breakfast and lunch. Don't wait until the morning to pack their lunch, as mornings can be hurried. Make it the night before and make sure they are able to open what you pack.

Don't Forget about New Clothes
Every child wants at least a few new items to wear back to school. However, don't go overboard buying. Many children go to school and then see kids wearing new trends that they may have overlooked. Pick up a few new pieces at places such as www.allusaclothing.com before school starts and then slowly incorporate new pieces of clothing the child may be asking for a couple weeks after school starts.

Start to Establish a Routine a Couple Weeks before School Starts
The summer is coming to an end and the kids have had the freedom of staying up late and sleeping in. Start a routine of chores, bedtimes, and wake up times for your child a few weeks before school starts. This will get them back into the groove before school starts.

Plan out before and after School Care Well before the New School Year Starts
Is your child doing sports? Are they going to a babysitter? The only person that knows is you. Make sure you discuss what activities or places your child is to be after school. If they are going to be doing sports, they may need a physical, permission slip and/or money. Keep all of this in mind and plan ahead to reduce your stress level.

Don't Be Anxious or Your Kids Will Be Too
Children pick up on the behaviors and feelings of the adults around them. If you are stressed or anxious, it increase your child's anxiety levels. Be organized as this will help reduce the stress that you may feel during this chaotic time.

Proper planning can help make sure your child's first few days back to school go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, many moms get overwhelmed and forget important things that can make their child's first few days or weeks back to school easier. Knowing what you need to plan and utilizing the above seven tips will help make your child's first few days back to school easier on you both.

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