7 Fun Activities to do with your Kids this Winter


7 Fun Activities to do with your Kids this Winter

The winter season will be here very soon, but you do not have to let the cold temperatures keep you from having fun. Whether you brave the cold weather or have some fun inside, there is no reason to let the winter ruin your fun. These are the seven best activities you should do with your kids to have fun this winter.


There is no better way to enjoy the winter than by spending the day on the ski slopes. You may be hesitant to go skiing if you have never been before, but nearly every ski resort offers lessons.


Some days in the winter are going to be too cold to enjoy an activity outside. Heading to the local bowling alley is a great way to have some fun with the kids while avoiding the cold temperatures outside.

Ice Skating

The local ice skating rink is always a great option for fun in the winter. Whether you are a skilled skater or spend the whole time falling, ice skating will bring the whole family together for a few hours of fun.

Throw Bonfire Party

A big bonfire in the backyard lets you spend some time outside without having to freeze. The adults can enjoy a nice drink around the fire while the kids eat some delicious s'mores.


You can relive your childhood winters by taking your kids sledding the first time it snows. Your kids will never forget the first time they slide down a big hill on a sled with their parents.

Play in the Snow

If you are looking for some simple and spontaneous fun this winter, then just head out to the yard with the kids after a big snow storm. Your kids will love building a snowman, having a snowball fight or making snow angels.

Watch Some Movies

There may be a few days when nobody wants to brave the cold temperatures, but you do not have to let that keep you from having some fun. Get the whole family bundled on the couch to watch movies and drink some hot chocolate.


The only way to have fun this winter is by embracing the cold temperatures. There is no reason to let the weather ruin your days when it is so easy to have some fun with these seven activities.

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