5 Shows to Watch on Netflix While the Kids are at School


This school year has been pretty exciting for me with both kids in full-time school.  I easily got used to having more time to myself and the quiet!  I missed sitting down and enjoying time to myself without all the distractions, it really is a treat each day.  I still keep busy all day with house chores, blogging, exercise and the list goes on but I did manage to sneak in some time to pick a couple new favorite shows on Netflix!

5 Shows to Watch on Netflix While the Kids are at School

My new daily ritual is to get all the hard stuff done in the morning and then sit down and eat a hearty lunch while I watch a show.  It is surprising how much more I enjoy food when I can take time creating it and live in the moment.

Here is my list of shows to watch on Netflix while the kids are at school:

  1. The Walking Dead – definitely for a mature audience with attacks from zombies and some pretty gruesome scenes.  With 5 seasons available to watch this 40ish minute per episode series is fun if you're into a suspenseful adult show.
  2. The Vampire Diaries – this weekly drama keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you fall in love with the characters.  With the combination of vampires, witches and other mystical creatures you'll be enthralled with the 40ish minute series featuring some pretty good looking actors.  You will want to binge watch this series as the love stories unfolds and plot thickens.
  3. Bones – this weekly drama follows the story of a forensic anthropologist who teams up with an FBI agent to investigate crimes that have left scant evidence behind, mainly the bones of the deceased.  With 10 seasons to watch this might just take you through the school year.  You might recognize the main actor David Boreanaz from his reoccurring role on Buffy and his own drama Angel.
  4. Suits – if you like drama and breaking the law you'll be kept on the edge of your seat in the world of lawyers.  From a college dropout to being an associate at one of the top-ranked law firms you will be in for a bunch of surprises in each episode with the 4 seasons offered on Netflix.
  5. White Collar – most of us know Matt Bomer from his sexy blue eyes on Magic Mike but in this 6 season series he plays the elusive Neal Caffrey.  This witty crime tv drama follow the FBI White Collar division partners with Neal Caffrey, the elusive art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman to catch long sought-after criminals.

And that is just naming a few there are a ton of other great shows on Netflix that give you a little taste of drama and leave you wanting more!

What's on your Netflix list?

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