6 Ways To Build Family Unity This Summer


Everyone wants to have a tight-knit family, but keeping your family close is one job that is often easier said than done. Whether you have recently had your first child or your kids are getting ready to head off to college, here is a look at six ways you can build family unity this summer.

6 Ways To Build Family Unity This Summer

Sit Down for Meals

When family members become busy, eating together is often the first thing to go. While you do not need to share every single meal together, it shouldn't be too hard to pick at least one night a week when everyone will cook, eat, and have a relaxing conversation.


Share Notes

Everyone loves getting notes and letters, but very few people spend time writing them. These notes take no more than a few moments to write and can be as simple as asking how a loved one's day has gone. Although, leaving small notes may not seem like much, it is sometimes the smallest and simplest things that can mean the most. You may never know how much of an impact just a small note may have on one of your loved ones.


Adopt Old Rituals

Many of the rituals parents create with younger children seem to disappear over time, and this can put a damper on everyone's relationship. Whether you used to watch afternoon movies together or take a weekly trip to the park, you might want to start up these old rituals once again. Picking up on these old traditions can bring back a lot of old really good memories that can help your family bond even more.


Hit the Road

A road trip does not need to be a stressful event with family members crammed into a small vehicle. Renting an RV from somewhere like the Orangewood RV Center, and hitting the road is a great summer activity and a perfect opportunity to get away from the stresses of your daily routine. Road trips can also help give you and your family plenty of time to just reminisce and play games. There is definitely nothing better than being on the open road.


Let Your Children Choose the Activities

Creating new traditions can be just as fun as reigniting old traditions, but it is important everyone has a voice. During your next family meal, you should try speaking with your children about some of the new traditions they would like to create. This can be a fun way to start doing new fun things that you may not have ever tried before. By doing this you can also let your kids know that their ideas and opinions matter and they can make a difference.


Join a Team

There are few things that will bring a family together as quickly as a little healthy competition against another group. Practically every town has co-ed family leagues for participants of all ages, and these sports will even allow you to get in a little extra exercise while you spend time with one another.


Pulling your family closer together is no simple task, but it can be done. Hopefully, these few tips will help you create a sense of unity among your family members and reinvigorate the love you have for one another.

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