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I don't know about you but for me going grocery shopping is a huge process.  First I plan dinners for the week then I have to think about snacks, lunches, breakfast and remember what I have in the cupboard.  I'm used to my process so it doesn't take up a huge chunk of my time but transitioning the kids into healthy snacking is a process all of its own!  That's why I'm bringing you this food tip of mine!

Don't get me wrong we always have fruits and veggies in our house but if they aren't prepared in a manner that is quick and easy sometimes they only make it to garbage day which is super sad and wasteful.  So I've come up with a few ways to make eating fruits and veggies quick and simple!

healthy snacking - food tip

Once I get home from the grocery store and start the unpacking I place the fruit and veggies on the counter and spend a quick 10 minutes cutting and placing into containers.  I find when I do this everyone in the house is more likely to eat them!  I love my Tupperware but I'm sure you can find other similar containers at the dollar store or even in the grocery store.

I hope that helps you make some healthy snacking choices this week!

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