Orlando and Beyond: Family fun in Florida


They don’t call it the ‘Sunshine State’ for nothing! Florida is home to fantastic climate, enabling its residents and visitors to really live it up in the great outdoors. However, it’s not all about the weather: millions of people travel to Florida every year to enjoy the beach, the natural charms of the Everglades and, of course, the famous amusement parks. With the chance to swim, hike, snorkel and fish, nearly all year round, it’s the perfect place for families — you’ll never hear ‘Mom, I’m bored’ again! Here’s why:

Orlando and Beyond

Fabulous theme parks

What kid doesn’t love a good theme park? The rides, the treats and the fantasy of it all. It’s a world of make believe that seems to come alive — every child’s dream. In Orlando, you have your pick from a seemingly endless stream of these attractions. Before you look into flights to Orlando, check out the long list of local theme parks — you may end up booking a later flight to fit in extra vacation time!

There’s Disney World, Universal Studios, Epcot, LEGOLAND and Hollywood Studios, amongst many others. You could almost do a marathon of theme parks with one a day for 26 days in a row! Get some sleep the night before, wear a good pair of walking shoes and don’t forget your camera.

Orlando fabulous theme parks

Scenic beaches

Beyond Orlando are some of the best beaches in the entire United States. Tampa Bay, on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, is certainly worth a few days of sand-castles and body-boarding, while everyone will enjoy the shores of Clearwater Beach and Treasure Island. Indian Shores, home to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, is a great place to take in the area’s natural beauty and wildlife. Heading southeast is, of course, the happening city of Miami. Walk the boardwalk of Miami beach to take in this popular destination — the people-watching here can’t be beaten!

Orlando Scenic Beaches

Underwater adventures

When you tire of being on land, why not head to sea? The Florida Keys is the place to be for some challenging marlin and snapper fishing, as well as snorkeling, boating and diving. The barrier reef beckons you, with its colorful marine life and nearby shipwrecks, just waiting to be explored. Kids as young as 10 can learn to scuba dive so adventurous families — this is the activity for you!

Orlando Education Opportunities

Educational opportunities

In addition to experiencing the biology of the sea firsthand, there are also many other educational travel opportunities in Florida. From experiencing the Cuban culture of Little Havana in Miami to the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island (just an hour from Orlando), this state isn’t just about amusement parks and the beach. You can learn about Native American culture at the Seminole Okalee Indian Village, near Fort Lauderdale, or head to the Southwest Florida Museum of History in Fort Meyers to find out what life was life for early Florida settlers.

Whichever side of this diverse state you want to discover, Florida has plenty to entertain even the fussiest of its younger visitors!

Images by Christian Lambert Photography, Melvin “Buddy” Baker, Stig Nygaard and Paul Hudson used under creative commons license.

Writer: Hannah Marsh

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