Monthly Workout Plan Printable


Starting today I have made a commitment to myself to get back on track with my fitness plan.  I have been doing great these past couple of weeks with eating healthy and making healthy lifestyle choices.  I know I can always kick it up a little bit and with a little motivation I can accomplish any goal I set out to meet.  So I'm sharing my monthly workout plan printable here so all of you can join me in my journey as well!

Monthly Workout Record Page 1

Monthly Workout Plan Printable

The workout plan comes in two pages; the first page is focused on the activity and duration you set out to accomplish as well as your weekly weigh in, the second focuses on setting goals at the beginning of the month and end of month progress.  My goal is all about fitting into my jeans again!  I know for some it might not seem like much but I need to lose 10 pounds so I can fit all my clothes and feel comfortable in them.

Monthly Workout Record Page 2

Set clear goals and join me as I go for “gold” and prove to myself that I'm worth it!  It might be a hard battle but the results are more than worth it.  With this monthly workout plan printable the goals are set and the exercise is planned out so there are NO EXCUSES!  Join me for the fun and challenge of being more.

Grab your Monthly Workout Plan Printable.

What's your goal?

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