5 DIY Craft Presents For Your Graduate


The Beginning of the Future 5 DIY Craft Presents For Your Graduate

Graduation is an exciting time for families, friends, students, and teachers. It not only signifies the end of hard work and completion, but it is the grand start of a new beginning. If you have a special graduate in your life, you no doubt want to make their graduation something special. What better way to show your pride in them by presenting them with a present you made yourself? By putting love and warmth into the making of their gift, they will be sure to cherish it forever.

5 DIY Craft Presents For Your Graduate

1. Inspirational Canvas

For years, many people have found inspiration and encouragement in the simple yet profound words of a special person. At the start of what could be a, though exciting, challenging time for young adults, what better way to send your encouragement with them by creating a canvas fitted with one of their favorite quotes?

  • You will first need a canvas and paint of your choice. Find this at your local craft store.
  • Carefully write the quote or phrase of your choice onto the canvas using pencil. This will help keep your project clean and organized.
  • Finally, carefully paint over the words, a couple times if necessary.

Simple, right? Now you are ready to present this super easy, fun, and personalized gift to your favorite graduate!

2. A Collage in Words

Pictures provide windows into our past, taking us on trips to remember some of our earliest and fondest memories. This easy, heartwarming project combines the power of words (or names) with the beauty of pictures.
You will need wooden letters, pictures, glue, and hodge-podge (optional). Pick your letters to spell either the name of the graduate or a nice, simple statement such as “love” or “hope”.

  • Cut out the parts of the picture that you want to use in the collage.
  • Clue these sections of pictures to each wooden letter, making a collage, being sure to not leave any wood showing on the front.
  • For a finishing touch, add a top coat of hodge-podge. This will seal the look and create a nice finish.

3. Elegant Bookmark

This one is for the ladies. These beautiful bookmarks will find much use in the loving hands of any bookworm.
You will need two 5/8 inch ribbon clamp end crimps, a nine-inch strip of velvet ribbon (5/8 inches wide), flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, a ruler, and pendants.

  • Place a ribbon clamp on the end of your ribbon and secure it using the flat nose pliers. Do this on both ends.
  • Using your pliers, you can now open a jump ring to each ribbon crimp to attach the pendant of your choice on both ends.

The finished result will be beautiful, and will no doubt quickly find a home within the pages of one of the graduate's favorite books.

4. Care Package

It's the transition from school to adulthood, and every new graduate can benefit from a personalized care package. This simple, yet thoughtful, gift is a great idea for anyone on your list.
You will need a canvas bag from a craft store, fabric paint, and items like pencils, notebooks, candy, lotion, tissues, etc.

  • To personalize your gift, paint the name of the student or an inspirational message on one or both sides of the canvas bag.
  • Group items together. Put the pencils with the notepads, lotion with the tissues, and so on. Assemble these groups together in wrapping paper.
  • Assemble the groups orderly within the canvas bag.

This is a quick project, but the goodies to be found within their present will be not only fun, but practical. And the added bonus? The canvas bag is reusable, and can serve a number of purposes in the future.

5. A Memory Map

Missing home? All students will feel a connection to where they came from. Help them remember their roots with this lovely DIY.
You will need a printable or cut out of the appropriate state, thick scrapbooking paper, picture frame, and felt.

  • Cut out the scrapbook paper according to the size of the backing of the picture frame.
  • Glue the cutout of the state onto the scrapbook paper.
  • Using the felt, cut out a heart or star. Glue this over the area of your graduate’s hometown on the map. Slide the finished creation into the picture frame.


A Big Life Step – Graduation

When a student is graduating, this is a huge step in the life of a young adult. This is the time where they will want all of their friends and families to celebrate this momentous time with them. Show them how much you care with a lovely, handmade present for the special graduate in your life!

What's your favorite DIY Craft Presents For Graduation?


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