5 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dads


Let's face it, dads can be difficult to shop for during the holiday season. Sure, you could go with one of the classics, like a tie or socks, but wouldn't you rather the man in your life something they would really like? Here are 5 great stocking stuffer ideas for Dads and husbands.

5 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dads

1. Earbuds

Earbud headphones are a must-have item for every dad, especially music-lovers. Your Dad can listen to their favorite music or podcast, whenever and wherever they are. Earbuds are also great for dads who enjoy exercising and running. Earbuds come in a variety of colors, designs, and prices. It's easy to find headphones that will fit your budget and that your Dad will love.

2. Golf Balls

A small pack of golf balls is a perfect stocking stuffer. Any sports fan or golfer would love to find this thoughtful gift in their stocking. Your Dad can use these balls for practice or for playing a round at the golf course. No matter what he uses them for, your Dad will love this gift.

3. Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is a great gift option for any outdoorsy dad. Multi-tools often include a combination of pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, wire cutters, files, knives and bottle openers. Your Dad can be equipped and prepared for any situation. Whether he is camping, working on a home improvement project, or just hanging out at home, your Dad will always be ready for whatever comes his way.

4. Surge Protector

If your Dad or husband has a workshop or an office with a lot of electronics, give him a surge protector, extension cord, or adapter from Americord. These gifts are versatile and very practical; some have additional AC outlets and USB ports. The compact and efficient design make this a perfect stocking stuffer.

5. Bottle Opener

What man doesn't love a nice cold drink? You just can't beat the convenience of a portable bottle opener. And, the good news is, they make a bottle opener to match every man's style. There are Star Wars themed bottle openers for the nerdy dad in your life. There are magnetic bottle openers that stick right to your refrigerator for Dads that seem to lose everything. A bottle opener is a good gift for any Dad!


These stocking stuffers may be small, but they can make a big impact. Your Dad, Grandfather, and husband all deserve gifts that are as great as they are. These ideas are a surefire way to make the holidays wonderful.


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