4 Ways to Save Family Funds When Moving to a New City


Moving to a new city can be stressful and downright expensive. Selling a home, buying a new one, hiring movers, paying deposits on new utilities and signing up for new schools can all be real headaches. Eliminate some of the stress of moving by using these four helpful hints to save money.

4 Ways to Save Family Funds When Moving to a New City

Get Rid of Old Junk

Everything that a family hangs on to will have to be moved. This will add boxes, weight and, ultimately, increased costs all around. To trim costs, get rid of everything that has not been used in the last year and that does not hold significant sentimental value. Host a rummage sale, make a trek to the thrift store or sell through online consignment stores to make some money and clear out closets.

Work with a Realtor

All of the commission for a realtor comes through the family selling the home, not the family that is buying. Some companies, like RE/MAX PLATINUM LIVING, know that working with an experienced realtor can be a great way to find the perfect home. Additionally, realtors can help families with finding inspectors, meeting with sellers, learning more about the neighborhood, and attending the closing.

Pack and Move without Help

While some circumstances may require professional movers, most families can do all of their own packing, saving thousands of dollars for a multi-bedroom house. Find boxes at area stores, and save up padding materials from online purchases. Many find that they can do their own cross-country move with a rental truck.

Look into Tax Deductions

Families who are moving because of a job change may be able to claim deductions on their next year of taxes. The new home must be at least 50 miles away from the prior home, and the individuals must work at least 39 weeks of a full-time job in the following year. A tax accountant will be able to help determine if there are any exceptions.


While moving to a new city will cost some money, it does not have to clear out a family’s bank account. Instead, by doing some of the work oneself, hiring professionals on for the biggest needs and finding ways to cut expenses, families can keep most of their money in the bank where it belongs or use it on the house of their dreams. By brainstorming together, any family can think of individualized ways that they can make money, trim costs and work as a team to make the next move a stress-free one.


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