4 Tips To Help Your Kids Keep Their Glasses Safe and Functional


4 Tips To Help Your Kids Keep Their Glasses Safe and Functional

When your child gets glasses, it can be a benefit as it will help them to see a bit better at school. If they can see better, then they likely won't complain about headaches as much and will be able to get the necessary work done in school and at home. However, there are times when the glasses might get lost or even broken. There are a few tips to keep in mind to help your child keep the glasses safe and secure so that they have them for months or years to come.

Choosing Their Own

When you go to get the glasses for your child, let your child pick out the frames and any accessories that go along with them. If they are able to take part in the decision-making process, then they will feel like they own the glasses instead of just needing them to see. It can also be a way for them to be a little more responsible for their glasses if they get to decide the color and the case as they won't want to lose something that they pick out.

Go For Plastic

While you might like the dainty design of the frames, it might be best to pick out plastic frames for your child. The plastic won't break as easily. It could bend, but it's easier to straighten plastic back out than it is to put glass back together. Work with a reputable company, like Eye Society Pty Ltd, to find the best eyewear option for your child and their lifestyle.

Make A Routine

Start in the morning with a routine that your child can get used to performing on a daily basis. This routine should be one that includes checking the glasses to see that they aren't scratched. Teach your child how to clean the glasses and how to safely keep them in the case. You also need to make sure your child puts the glasses on in the morning, even on the weekends, as they will become accustomed to wearing them if they are on the face.

The Right Fit

If the glasses don't fit the right way, then they won't stay on the face. This can make it hard for your child to wear glasses during the day. When you get your child fitted for glasses, it's sometimes best for them to be a little snug instead of being too big.

Glasses for your child can mean the difference between being miserable while in school and while watching television or reading at home and being happy while seeing better. Your child should have a say in the kind of glasses that are purchased. Explain that the glasses are to be maintained, showing the child the proper way instead of just talking about what should be done.

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