Necklace Clasps that Match Every Style


Necklace Clasps that Match Every Style

One of the chicest accessories known to man, a timeless pearl necklace can elevate any ensemble. Whether your personal style is trendy, timeless or a combination of both, pearl necklaces and other pearl jewelry can liven up just about anything. A little creativity can go a long way!

If your favorite pearl necklace isn’t bringing you joy quite the way it used to, you might consider switching necklace clasps to make it just like new. Not only will restringing and replacing necklace clasps extend the life of your pearls, but they can also transform their entire look, and with this comes infinite potential to create an ensemble that’s truly memorable.

Pearl jewelry is as classic as jewelry comes, making it perfect for pairing with a wide range of clothing items. From casual looks primed for navigating the city streets, to dressier ensembles perfect for celebrating all of life’s special events, a pearl necklace is sure to put a kick in your step and the right necklace clasp is the way to make sure your strand is ready for any event you attend.

You don’t have to stick to polished pieces to get wear out of your favorite pearls. These beauties can be worn with just about anything! Mix casual and dressy pieces to compile a look that’s one-of-a-kind. A ruffled blouse paired with distressed denim is just one option to pair with chic pearl jewelry. Swap out the blouse for a loose-fitting white T-shirt and blazer, then throw on a pair of killer heels to seal the deal. You can also rock pearl pieces with trendy items like rompers and jumpsuits to give them that extra bit of style.  Want your jewelry to be an accent without stealing the show? Try a mystery pearl clasp that will let your strands themselves do the talking.

Pearl stud earrings are the easiest accessories to implement into your wardrobe. Whether a chambray shirt, a laid-back tank top or an embellished top that draws the eye, a wide variety of pretty pieces complement a pair of stud earrings. Experiment with different options to get the most wear out of your pearls. Even edgier pieces, like leather dresses, can look fabulous when paired with a necklace that has a bold clasp such as a diamond ball clasp or a clasp with a colored stone such as a sapphire or ruby.

While you might typically reserve your pearl jewelry for dressy occasions, you can easily wear it to the office, as well. For office attire that’s slightly casual and summer-ready, pair a floral blouse with a pleated midi-skirt, then use a pearl earrings and pearl necklace with a statement clasp combined with a chic updo to finish things off. Not only is this ensemble ultra comfortable, but it can also be worn to dinner once five o’ clock hits. And if skirts aren’t really your thing, trousers are another fabulous option for the office. Choose a printed pattern to fit the season, then pair it with a satin shirt in a neutral shade, using a pair of pearls to add instant polish. You can also incorporate a bold lip in a shade like pink or coral to take this lovely look one giant step further.

No matter what your style is, the right pearl necklace clasp is sure to pull your outfit together and to make your jewelry pop the way you intended it.  Why settle for anything less?


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