4 Tips for Handling Window Installation Around Small Children


Window installation can be a dangerous project for small children if you do not take precautions. The last thing you want is for your child to grab a tool or fall from an open window during the project. Luckily, it is possible to keep them safe during the installation. Here are four tips for handling a window installation around small children.

Discuss the Project

Start by discussing the project with your children. Remind them that installing a window is a serious project, and they should not be running around, grabbing the tools or getting close to the window. If necessary, let your children know that not taking the project seriously may result in an injury. This way, they know in advance that they need to stay out of the way for their own safety.

Keep Them Busy

Children are curious by nature, and they may want to watch or help with the project. However, a professional may not feel comfortable with children in the room during the window installation. The best thing you can do is keep them busy until the installation is finished. Provide your children with coloring books, building blocks or puzzles. Another idea is to plan a movie marathon for the duration of the installation.

Enlist in Help

There is a chance your professional may need you in the room during the installation. If this is the case, it never hurts to ask someone to watch your children for a few hours. A family, friend, or babysitter can keep them busy and safe while you work with the professional. They can keep an eye on your children to ensure they do not get into anything around the house or near the installation area.

Remove Them

You may need to remove your children from the home altogether, especially if you are having multiple windows replaced. If possible, spend time with them in the backyard or local park. Remember, you can also ask someone to spend time with your children during the project. You may even be able to arrange for them to spend the night with a relative to ensure they are safe and occupied during the installation.

A window installation does not have to be a dangerous situation for small children, but you do need to take the proper precautions to keep your children safe. If you keep the above tips in mind when planning your project, you can create a positive experience for your family.


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