4 Things To Do If You’ve Been a Victim of Domestic Abuse


Finding yourself in the middle of a domestic abuse situation can leave you in disbelief.   It can affect anyone regardless of their age, sex, or location.  While some people may think that the results are only physical pain, the psychological pain can often far outweigh anything else.

If left unhandled, situations of domestic abuse can worsen to the point of no return.  The violent cycle will continue unless someone puts an end to its destructive patterns.

While domestic abuse situations can vary, no one deserves to be abused.  Here is what to do if you are a victim of a situation like this.

File For Divorce

If you’re married, you should separate immediately and probably file for divorce.  Rarely are abusers able to change their violent ways long term.  If you have children, you should ensure that you fight for full custody so that you keep them and yourselves out of harm's way.

Make sure that you save a record of every instance of abuse for your divorce lawyer so that you can present it in court.  As a result, you’ll have a strong set of evidence that will work in your favor.

Go To a Doctor

It’s vital that you get an assessment of how badly you’ve been injured.  A doctor will be able to give you a long-term diagnosis as well as any treatments that you will require.

A doctor will usually suggest getting treatment for your mental health as well as physical.  Since the effects of abuse can often lead to emotional trauma, it’s best to see a psychologist to work through your feelings of pain.  Otherwise, they may start to affect your behavior over time if left untreated.

Move Out

It’s essential that you physically remove yourself from the abuser.  Even though you may be scared about the changes that are to come, it's your responsibility to stay out of harm's way.

Even though you may be tempted to prolong moving out hoping that maybe things can get better, you’re only putting yourself in danger longer.  A home with violence isn’t a safe place for you or your children.

Reach Out For Help

Many victims of abuse in a marriage are ashamed to admit that their relationship has somehow fallen apart.  As a result, they fail to ask their friends and family for help and isolate themselves.

However, when you’re going through a problematic time, it’s essential that you reach out to the people that love you most.  There’s no need being ashamed about needing other people's support.  You will be surprised by the amount of love and support that you never knew you had until you were willing to ask for it.

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  1. I wish I could support all the women that suffered from domestic abuse in one or another way. You’re brave and everything will be alright!

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