3 Signs Your Spouse Might Be Contemplating Divorce


Having a successful marriage can be one of the most challenging things someone tries to accomplish in their life. It seems to be in most people’s nature to be selfish and put their own wants and needs above even those they care the most for, which can make having a happy marriage very difficult. And even if you’re committed to having a fulfilling marriage, you and your spouse might not be on the same page at the same time. So to help you know if you’re giving more to your marriage than your spouse is and if a divorce might be on the horizon for you, here are three signs that your spouse might be contemplating asking for a divorce.

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You’re No Longer The Main Confidant

Communication is a huge part of having a happy and successful marriage. Not only should you and your spouse be speaking lovingly to each other on a very regular basis, but you should also be the main person that your spouse shares their thoughts and feelings with. If this isn’t happening in your marriage currently, this might be cause for concern. Brittany Wong, a contributor to the Huffington Post, shares that if you’ve noticed that your spouse has recently been confiding more in others than in you, especially if it’s one particular person, that might be a sign that they’re thinking about divorcing you or having an emotional affair.

They Stop Trying To Resolve Problems

While fighting in a marriage can be something that’s hard to deal with, this might be a better sign that your marriage is on the right path rather than the alternative. According to Sam Margulies, a contributor to Psychology Today, if there’s no more fighting in your marriage and no more desire to have resolution after there’s been conflict, this might be a sign that your spouse has given up on your marriage. Although fighting isn’t ideal, at least this type of communication can be more productive for your marriage than absolutely no communication at all.

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New Things Are Popping Up Financially

If your marriage has previously been pretty equally financially and you’ve recently noticed that your spouse is taking on some new financial attitudes, Jacqueline Newman, a contributor to Mind Body Green, shares that this might mean a divorce is on its way. This could mean that your spouse is trying to prepare for a time where your finances are no longer working together or depending on each other. Branching out financially as a single person can be an adjustment from being married, and your spouse might subconsciously be taking steps to make this easier on themselves.


If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned things in your marriage, consider speaking to your spouse about their thoughts and feelings and seeing what would be the best next move for your marriage.

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