4 Fun Family Activities to Try This Fall


The freezing fall and winter months are all about spending time with your loved ones, so plan ahead this year and try something new with your family and friends. No matter how big or small your family, there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed by groups of every size and age. Whether you feel like bracing the cold or getting cosy in the comfort of your home, these 4 ideas are perfect for keeping everyone entertained.

Enjoy the outdoors

If you’re feeling sick of being cooped up inside, it’s time to get the family together and head off on adventure (even if it’s just in your back garden). Winter themed treasure maps are both fun to make and complete. Take it in turns to draw the map and follow the trail, and you’ll have hours of outdoor fun together. For the treasure, you could even whip up some homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows for an extra special treat. There’s also nothing quite like a winter walk to reconnect to those around you. Just make sure the kids are ready for the cold with this season’s Gucci baby sales. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little less time consuming, why not make your own bird feeder? All you need to do is track down a fallen pine cone, fill the gaps with peanut butter and hang it up. Keep a diary by the nearest window so you can make a note of the species that come to visit each day.

Throw a movie night

A fantastic way to get the whole family together is with a movie marathon of everyone’s favorite films. Each person places a piece of paper with their film choice into a hat so they can be picked out and watched at random. A major part of a successful movie night is the snacks, so make sure you set the scene with traditional movie theatre treats. Big buckets of buttered popcorn and candy will make the evening feel even more special.

Get crafty

If the weather is looking a little too wild then stay indoors and get creative. As the holiday season approaches there are plenty of craft activities for kids and adults to enjoy. Why not design your own season’s greetings cards to send out this year instead of buying them? Getting creative can also be great fun when it comes to cooking. Baking and decorating your own gingerbread house is the perfect way to spend an afternoon indoors with the kids. Or you can make personalized cookies with each person’s favorite candy toppings.

Set up a mini arcade

Spend that all important quality time with your loved ones by creating your own games room. Invite everyone to bring along their favorite board or card game and set each one up side by side. Encouraging a little friendly competition by keeping a tally of the winners of each round can be fun, as long as no one gets too carried away. If you have a little more time on your hands why not invent a personalized game? Try writing your own quizzes about your family or incorporate their interests into your questions to make your gaming afternoon even more enjoyable.

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