Quick and Easy DIY Santa Claus Door Hanger


You're going to love this quick and easy DIY Santa Claus Door Hanger!  The kids can easily make it and will have a blast painting, glittering and gluing all while creating a disaster!

Quick and Easy DIY Santa Claus Door Hanger

Quick and Easy DIY Santa Claus Door Hanger

With a few supplies you'll be able to create numerous door hangers, maybe even one for each room in the house!  These also make cute add-ons from the kids to slip inside gifts to family and friends.

santa door hanger step 1

Prepare all materials needed in this tutorial:

  • a piece of cereal box
  • a piece of black crafting felt
  • black and white acrylic paint
  • red glitter
  • paint brushes
  • cutter
  • newspaper
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pencil
  • white glue
  • hot glue
  • any round object that is near the size of the door knob

santa door hanger step 2

Step 1:  Cut a rectangle that is about 22 centimeter in length and 10 centimeters in width from the empty cereal box.  This will be the main frame of the door hanger.  Trace the masking tape on the upper part of the box.  The orientation of this should be in portrait.  The masking tape is used as a reference to the door knob size, but any perfect round object would do.

santa door hanger step 3

Step 2: Cut the traced circle on the box using a cutter.

santa door hanger step 4

Step 3: Curve the outer edges on the topmost part of the door hanger body.  Do this on both edges.

santa door hanger step 5

Step 4: Generously apply white glue on one side of the door hanger.

santa door hanger step 6

Step 5: Evenly brush the white glue on the body of the door hanger.

santa door hanger step 7

Step 6: Sprinkle the red glitters on the body of the glued door hanger body.

santa door hanger step 8

Step 7: Let the glue dry and the glitters to settle on the body of the door hanger for at least an hour.

santa door hanger step 9

Step 8: Cut a small strip of black felt.  The width should be at least 2 to 3 centimeters and the length would depend on the width of the door hanger’s body.  This is the belt of Santa.

santa door hanger step 10

Step 9: Cut a small square that is quite bigger than the belt.  Cut a smaller square in the middle to create a hole.  This will be the belt’s buckle.

santa door hanger step 11

Step 10: Mix white and a little bit of black to create a gray acrylic paint.  Paint the buckle with this and let it dry for an hour.

santa door hanger step 12

Step 11: Hot glue the buckle on the belt.  The buckle should be somewhat one-sided to create an effect later on.

santa door hanger step 13

Step 12: Cut two pieces of a black circle from the crafting felt.  This will be the buttons of Santa.

santa door hanger step 14

Step 13: Hot glue the belt with the buckle on the lower thirds of the door hanger’s body.

santa door hanger step 15

Step 14: Cut the excess of the belt if there is any.

santa door hanger step 16

Step 15: Hot glue the buttons on top of the belt.  This should be aligned with the buckle of the belt.

santa door hanger step 17

Step 16: Try the door hanger on and make necessary adjustments.

santa door hanger step 18

Step 17: Done and ready to use!  You can now hang your cool and simple Santa Claus door hanger to celebrate the season!


This quick and easy DIY Santa Claus door hanger is the perfect craft to make with the kids!  They love making a couple extra and sticking it in gifts we're giving to friends and family during the holidays.  It is a simple way to decorate the door and spread a little Christmas cheer.

What's your favorite Santa craft?

Quick and Easy DIY Santa Claus Door Hanger

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  1. Very amazing play, because all the more and more is at home of cardboard boxes after food things. and such fun with kids which they can sprinkle door hanger with brocade it is a bit of a lark:)

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