4 Fun Family Activities You Can Do without Going Broke


It’s not breaking news that children can be expensive to entertain, but it doesn’t always have to be so. Your home, yard, or the world just out your back door may be enough to spend enjoyable time as a family.

Camp in the Backyard

Camping tents cost little money and offer hour after hour of entertainment for children. Most set up in minutes, and have plenty of mesh coverings for fresh air, daylight, and bug control. An evening camp out doesn’t have to involve a sleepover, but the kids will love everything else associated with it. You can build a campfire by using a charcoal grill and firewood to roast hot dogs, grill corn on the cob, and make the classic S’mores. After dark, tell scary stories appropriate for your children’s ages. If legal in your city, kids always enjoy fireworks and noisemakers like sparklers and pistol pops. Fireworks are normally seasonal, but you can find them year-round online. Closely supervise the lighting of the fireworks, and be sure you have a garden hose close by.


Play Some Volleyball

The backyard is another great place for a game of volleyball. Teenage kids can blow off their energy and little ones love to chase after the balls as they bounce around the court. Some companies, such as Cobra Sports International, know that volleyball is an activity every family member can get into. If your family isn’t large enough to make a team, invite friends and extended family for an afternoon.

Go on a Picnic

Break up the weekend by spending a few hours at the nearest park. Most have playground equipment for kids, and lots of room to run and explore. Bring their favorite finger foods and beverages to prepare for the outing. Besides playtime, take the kids on a nature walk to look for birds, butterflies and bugs. Fall leaves in the fall could be mementos of the trip to decorate your home. A winter picnic doesn’t have to be impossible as long as you have firewood to burn, plenty of warm clothes and cushioned seats.


Go to the Library

In recent years, public libraries have re-energized their programs for families and children. Libraries offer much more than books: You’ll find toys, computers, movies, interactive play areas, story reading and games. Libraries segment their programs based on age and interest. Whether it’s a hot summer afternoon or a chilly, rainy day, you’re bound to find some fun for the family at the local library.

Instead of reaching into your pocket for your money, use your imagination. When you approach activities with the family with a sense of adventure, even the most everyday place can be memorable and thrilling for your kids.


  1. These are great ideas, we really love to picnic or go to the library. Our local library has great programs for just kids or for the whole family.

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