New Parents: 4 Signs it is Time to Take Your Kids to the Dentist


There’s no handbook included with your new baby, which is why parenting is so daunting. There’s no right or wrong way to do it so long as your child is alive, healthy, and happy, but so many people have so many opinions. It’s not easy to know what’s right, what’s wrong, what works, and what doesn’t. When it comes to taking your child to the dentist for the first time, many people have no idea what’s appropriate and what’s not. Since your child’s oral health is directly related to his or her overall health, this is one of those subjects it pays to learn more about.

When Your Baby's First Tooth Comes Through

It’s that simple. When your baby’s first tooth breaks through his or her gums, it’s time to call the dentist. Clinics like Family 1st Dental recommends taking your child to the dentist for an initial appointment when one tooth is present, but no later than the baby’s first birthday. Before you worry that this appointment will be too terrifying for your small baby, understand what it really entails.

The first appointment is an introduction. Your dentist isn’t going to invade your child’s mouth so much as get to know the baby, familiarize the baby with the office, and make a few happy memories. Your dental professional then schedules an appointment for a later date to finally take a quick peek at baby’s mouth and be sure all is well. Your baby will enjoy the dentist far more than the doctor and all his pesky poking, prodding, and shot-giving.

When Your Child's Teeth Aren't Growing Correctly

Kids are so cute, but you'll know when your children's teeth are coming in incorrectly. If you notice an overbite or under bite, crooked teeth, or a crowded mouth, call your dental professional to schedule an appointment. The faster issues of this nature are corrected, the better your child's oral health is.

When Your Child Has a Cavity

Don't make the mistake of assuming a cavity in a baby tooth isn't a big deal. The mindset that kids lose those teeth eventually anyway is a bad one to adopt. It can have a lasting effect on a child's permanent teeth, and it can affect their overall oral health. If you notice a cavity, call immediately.

When Your Child is Injured

Did your child get hit in the face at practice, or was he or she involved in an accident? If so, your child might have tooth damage you can't see. You need to see the dentist to be sure your child's oral health and teeth are fine. If they're not, you want to know now.

Your baby is your baby, and it’s not easy to imagine him or her in a dental chair. At this age, you get to be there with your baby to provide comfort and care. Your child must see the dentist regularly to ensure he or she learns, understands, and respects the importance of good oral healthcare. When you see a tooth coming through, call to schedule that first appointment.

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