Pirate Ship Vallarta ~ Family Fun #LovePV


One thing we do every family vacation is create new memories and check items off the fun list the kids make before we leave.  A couple of the items this trip were to go on a pirate ship and meet a real pirate so the Pirate Ship Tour in Puerto Vallarta was a perfect fit.  When you walk on board you're assigned a pirate who takes care of you the whole journey but remember to save your tips for the end and show some love to everyone for all the hard work.

About to set sail in Puerto Vallarta! #LovePV #PirateShipPV

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From walking the plank to singing a pirate song you'll be entertained as soon as you set foot on the pirate ship.  A few of the fun things about the tour are:

  • sunset
  • eating dinner below deck on the ship
  • interactive pirate show
  • fireworks during the final performance

Pirate Ship Vallarta ~ Family Fun

We all had an amazing time.  I do have to warn you though the night show is geared towards adult so there is a bit of adult content that might not be appropriate for kids of all ages but they let you know ahead of time.  Luck would have it that I was chosen to get up and take part in the pirate show.  Of course I was in it for the fun and willing to get out of my comfort zone and win the competition the pirate punch might of given a little assistance with that!

Party like a pirate

For dinner there is a choice between filet mignon with bacon or chicken cordon bleu and for the kids nuggets and fries!  During the meal you can enjoy a glass of red or white wine and the kids have a selection of juice and soda.  Your pirate is there to ensure your glass is never empty and your belly is full.

Below Deck on the Pirate Ship

The kids loved exploring the ship and taking some photos with our pirate as well as the crew.  We all loved taking part in the singing and dancing along with the other passengers aboard the ship.  Everyone was nice and inviting and willing to include all the kids in the activities!

Driving the Pirate Ship Vallarta

For us the tour was about the experience and letting loose!  Don't book it for the food that was just an added bonus of eating on a pirate ship.  There was a mix of families and adult groups on board celebrating engagements, birthdays, weddings and bachelorette parties.  I recommend the tour for families or groups of adults who are there for a good time and want to have a new experience.  Just remember to set your worries aside, grab a beverage of choice and enjoy the open sea!

Have you ever been on a pirate ship?

Looking for a different pirate ship experience? Viator has a great all day excursion, (affiliate link) Puerto Vallarta Shore Excursion: Banderas Bay Pirate Sailing Cruise that your family will love.  Or visit the Viator Puerto Vallarta tours page for more ideas.

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