10 Fun Activities to Include if You Want to Organize the Best Sleepover Party Ever


Wouldn’t it be great to host the sleepover party that everyone talks about because it was truly memorable?

The emphasis has to be on fun and if you can create some real talking points with what you have lined up for your guests it is sure to be a successful night.

Here are some suggestions to help make your sleepover party tick all the right boxes.

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The ultimate way to chill out

How about a flotation tank to really provide a different experience at your sleepover?

If you read the zen float tank review you will quickly discover that it is possible to offer your guests something unique that is actually more affordable than you might imagine.

Get the taste buds going

Most people love to share a pizza and a great way of bringing everyone together would be to provide all the ingredients so that you can create some awesome DIY pizzas.

Giving them the choice of toppings adds a real fun element to the ultimate party food.

A new twist on a classic sleepover activity

You don’t have to subscribe to the classic cliche about girls spending their sleepovers braiding each other’s hair, especially if you mix things up and learn a new skill like the fishtail or mermaid braid, rather than the usual three-strand option.

Magic Candy Corn Bars

Sweet treats

A bit of a sugar rush is usually acceptable in a party atmosphere and in addition to creating your own pizza’s it would also be a lot of fun to do some cupcake decorating too.

A night at the movies

We all love the cinema experience and you need to make sure you have plenty of popcorn at the ready to enjoy together as the action unfolds on the screen.

The perfect accompaniment

On the subject of popcorn, a great activity would be to make some different flavors, such as bacon or chocolate, to mix things up for your guests, and have some fun experimenting in the kitchen.

A photo booth is a must

Sharing images of your special sleepover night is almost obligatory on social media.

Make sure you create an awesome DIY photo booth that everyone wants to try.

Hit the right notes

If you want to create the perfect party atmosphere it is hard to beat a good old-fashioned karaoke machine to encourage your guests to grab the microphone and belt out their favorite song.

How about a dance contest?

Add further spice to the singing competition by organizing a dance contest and have prizes for the best performances.

Guaranteed laughter with this game

When the sleepover party is in full flow there is a hilarious twist you can add to a classic activity.

Challenge your guests to take part in a blindfold makeover, which involves one person wearing a blindfold while applying makeup to someone else.

As you might expect, the results can be very funny and this activity is bound to make sure that everyone remembers what you hope will be billed as the best sleepover party ever.

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