Easier Said Than Done: Teaching Toddlers to Not Flush Toys Down the Toilet


Young children, especially toddlers, do a lot of silly things that can drive adults crazy. One of these behaviors you are likely to witness at some point is your toddler becoming so fascinated with the flushing action of your toilet that he or she tries to flush toys down it. This is obviously bad for a few reasons. It could cause a serious toilet clog that may require a call to a plumber. It will upset your toddler that their favorite toy is now gone. Your child may even get bolder and flush even more important things down the toilet. Thankfully, there are strategies you can use to curb this behavior.

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Express Your Disapproval

While a toddler’s comprehension skills are not excellent, you must still communicate to them that flushing things down the toilet other than what should be flushed is bad. Try to communicate this concept as simply and clearly as you can. Make sure they know you will be disappointed and punish them if they don’t listen to your words.

Keep the Toilet Seat Down

If you have a habit of leaving the toilet seat up after using it, get over that habit. If the toilet seat is down, there’s a far less chance you’ll have to pay for a plumber after your child flushes a toy down it. Having a heavier toilet seat in this scenario can help. Your toddler may be too weak to even lift it up.

Deal with Toilet Plumbing Issues

If your toilet is prone to clogging, you may want to have it looked at by a plumber. Plumbing issues should be dealt with immediately. They shouldn’t be allowed to linger until they turn into a crisis. If your toilet does get clogged by a toy, it may be too difficult to extract it on your own with a plunger or other tool. You may end up needing plumbing services regardless.

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Teach Your Child That What Is Flushed Doesn’t Come Back

One reason why a child may flush something they love like a toy down the toilet is because they don’t quite fully comprehend that the toilet is for permanent disposal of unwanted waste. Instead, they need to be made to understand this, and it is your job to explain it to them. Tell your toddler that things that are flushed disappear forever including their favorite toys.

Don’t Give the Toys Back

Lastly, even if you are able to retrieve a flushed toy, throw it out. Tell your toddler that the toy is gone because they flushed it down the toilet. You may feel bad if your child becomes upset and cries. Still, stay strong. Your child should learn the important lesson being taught. You can always get your child more toys.

Growing up requires learning new things. One lesson that can be taught in this situation is that things that you value should be protected and not thrown away. Make sure your child learns that lesson and no longer flushes things like toys down the toilet. It will help your child mature, and you won’t have to deal with frustrating toilet clogs either.

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