Types of Physical Activities to Enroll Your Kids in if They Aren’t Interested in Sports


Research has shown that keeping kids active is essential to their physical health and overall well being. In order to make sure their children get plenty of exercise, lots of parents have signed their children up for organized sports. The problem some parents encounter is that their children show now interest in any of the games their classmates enjoy. If this happens with your child, do not insist that they participate in events they hate for the sake of staying active. Instead, try steering them toward other physical activities that they might be interested in. These five pastimes can all keep your kids fit without forcing them to ever kick or throw a ball.


If your child loves the outdoors but hates team sports, you could foster their love of nature by taking them hiking. Walking in the woods or climbing mountains is plenty strenuous to keep them in shape. You’ll also set them up for a lifelong appreciation of nature.

Horseback Riding

Like hiking, horseback riding encourages a child’s love for the great outdoors. It also imbues them with a respect for animals and gives them a useful skill. While the other parents are out buying hockey gear or lacrosse sticks, you’ll be searching for English tack. Years in the future, your child will enjoy having an interest that is so fascinating and unique.


Studies show that dancing is great for a person’s physical health. It is also a wonderfully fun activity that allows children to express themselves in a way that team sports make impossible. A young dancer will learn to truly understand their body, while they’ll benefit from the discipline of memorizing complicated steps and routines.


While competitive swimming might be considered a sport, the simple act of swimming is a great way to stay in shape in a fun, low-key way. By signing your kids up for swimming lessons, you’ll ensure they learn an important life skill while staying in shape.

Martial Arts

This activity combines discipline, physicality, and future self-defense benefits. Martial arts give kids a sense of accomplishment and self worth in an atmosphere very different from traditional children’s activities.

While physical activity is important for keeping kids healthy, organized sports aren't the only way to get them moving. All of these activities offer healthy alternatives to the team sports that often dominate young people's worlds. Talk to your child about giving these alternatives a shot.

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