Top 3 Things to Know When Buying a New Air Conditioning System


Did you know that as many as 80% of new homes built in the U.S. have central air conditioning units installed?

What I like about a good central air system is it keeps the indoor temperature comfortable while filtering and dehumidifying the air.  This is a great feature for me because I'm a huge allergy sufferer in the spring and summer seasons.

Top 3 Things to Know When Buying a New Air Conditioning System

Not in the market for a new home?  You can have an air conditioning system installed in a pre-existing home as well.  When shopping for the perfect system there are a few things to know when buying a new air conditioner.

First – the size of the home you will be cooling

An important fator in choosing the air conditioning unit to fit your needs is the size of the home you will be cooling.  All central air systems come in different sizes so in order to be most effeicient it is important to keep that in mind.  When in doubt consult a contractor.

Second – Energy Efficiency

An important consideration of your new central air conditioning unit is the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).  New units are required to have a rating of 13 or higher, 13 is 30% more efficient than the previous minimum SEER of 10 while the average unit installed in old homes is around a 7 or 8.

It is estimated that by increasing the SEER rating from 11.5 to 13 you can save over $500 each year in cooling costs!  That's just from replacing an old inefficent air conditioning unit, add a programmable thermostat to that and you'll be saving even more.

Third – Installation and location

After taking the size of your home and efficiency of the new air conditioning unit into consideration you've probably made a well informed decision.  Now for the location of installation – it is important to be aware of teh surrounding of an outdoor unit ensuring the air will be able to flow freely in and out of it.  Some units can also be noisy so taking the location into consideration is important especially if it is near a bedroom or outdoor entertaining area.

When in doubt consult a contractor, they will have all the answers you are looking for and will have feedback from customers on which units work the best.  Keep in mind that not every family is the same so choose a new air conditioning unit keeping these 3 things in mind when making a final purchase decision.


  1. I think air conditioning unit is quite an investment. I have been looking to cut costs on my utility bill in any way possible, it is just too high. As long as you’re making the investment in an air conditioning unit, you might as well choose an energy efficient model. Like you say, it can save money over the long run. Plus, it will make you feel less guilty about turning it on during the hot summer months!

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    The job of your home air conditioner is move heat from inside your home to the outside, thereby cooling you and your home. Air conditioners blow cool air into your home by pulling the heat out of that air. The air is cooled by blowing it over a set of cold pipes called an evaporator coil. This works just like the cooling that happens when water evaporates from your skin. The evaporator coil is filled with a special liquid called a refrigerant, which changes from a liquid to a gas as it absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant is pumped outside the house to another coil where it gives up its heat and changes back into a liquid.

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  3. Filtering and dehumidifying are nice features for a unit. As an allergy sufferer, these can be especially helpful, as you share.

  4. Great advice! It’s important to consider the size of house and also your local climate when buying an AC. If you live in an area where it gets hot you may want to spring for a more powerful unit that is less likely to break!

  5. Very good advice for buying a new air conditioning unit! I recently had to replace my AC unit because it wasn’t the right size unit for our house, and so we had to research the square footage for the right size for our house and now the new unit works like a charm! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You can save money on your energy bill when you buy a digital thermostat. This allows you to make sure your system only runs when you are home. you can even change it from your phone. Great timps!

  7. Wonderful tips! Air conditioners can use a lot of energy to run and so finding one that is high in energy efficiency can make a big difference with the usage and save money on your electric bill! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Thanks for sharing! Some people think that their unit can be installed anywhere on their property and don’t account for the noise it generates, so that’s very sound advice.

  9. My parents are finally going to install an AC system in their house, and they asked me to help. I totally agree that an important factor in choosing the air conditioning unit to fit their needs is the size of the home they will be cooling. I have almost no idea what size they should pick, so I will make sure to consult with a contractor to get his professional opinion on it. In any case, I will choose something energy efficient for them so that their electrical bills will not rise too rapidly.

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