Thrifty Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Like the Day It Came Off the Lot


There are a lot of little ways you can keep your car clean and looking pristine. Here are just a few tips to save your sanity, and your weekends.

Thrifty Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Like the Day It Came Off the Lot

Keep a Trash Bag In The Car

By keeping a trash bag in the vehicle, you’re making a commitment to keeping your car clean. It also helps keep you organized because you won’t have the incentive to just throw stuff everywhere. Most garbage ends up on the floor and makes it difficult to sort the trash from the important stuff (and it demotivates you from cleaning).

Empty the trash bag at least once a week. If you eat in the car, try not to. If you have to, minimize the mess and take the garbage out of the car as soon as you get home.


Keep Your Vehicle Covered

Keeping your vehicle covered inside and out will help keep it clean. Use good quality car seat covers to protect the seats. They can be washed very easily, and replaced, if necessary. It’s a good barrier between you and your cushions. And, it might help you when it comes time to sell the vehicle.

You should also consider getting a car cover – fitted if possible. Car covers will protect the exterior of the vehicle, and make it more difficult for UV light to damage the paint.


Keep Toothpaste On Hand

Stains are probably the most annoying thing about fabric interiors. They’re difficult to get out, and they’re stressful if you’re a self-described “neat freak.” Fortunately, there’s toothpaste. Keep a small tube of it in your glove box. Use immediately if you, or someone else, spills something in the car.

Stains will come out surprisingly easy with a little toothbrush and paste, and it will make the car smell minty fresh.


Keep Things Organized

Keep your vehicle organized. Use collapsible trunk storage bins to organize emergency kits as well as sports equipment (if you’re into sports). Get a backseat organizer too, which can hold things like juice boxes, snacks, and CD players.

Pre-pack a bag for your child and keep it in the vehicle, or bring it with you when you go on long trips. This should be a designated “travel bag” with games or activities that your child can do. If you want to include food in the bag, then keep space open in the bag so you can throw a snack in there.


Take Your Vehicle To be Detailed Periodically

Take your vehicle to be detailed periodically if you don’t want to clean it yourself. Detailing usually involves having it professionally cleaned inside and out. Most places will do a thorough vacuum job, wash, wax, and sometimes will polish it for you.

The detailing service should also include comprehensive brake cleaning and tire shine. But, many places have packages that let you choose the level of cleaning you want. If you’ve never done a deep clean, opt for this. It will make cleaning up on your own much easier between cleanings.


John Anderson has operated a commercial valeting business for some time now and enjoys sharing his tips and ideas online. He has previously written for a number of relevant websites.


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