The Complete Guide to Gift Giving Etiquette


According to psychologists, people fall into two camps – those who prefer receiving gifts and those who find it more interesting to give them. No matter whether you are the first or the latter, you’ll sure find plenty of useful information in this article. As a gift giver, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of gift giving etiquette, find out what gifts are considered timeless, as well as discover the major do’s and don’ts of gift giving for different occasions. As a gift receiver, at the same time, you’ll be able to understand the hidden meaning behind gifts you’ve ever received. Feeling intrigued? Hopefully, you are.

In case you don’t feel like digging too deep into the topic and looking through the entire infographics, here is a brief version of everything you might want to learn about gift giving etiquette. First and foremost, follow the three-step approach: write down a list of interests a person has, recall some recent conversations with this person and try to find out what he or she might want or need at the moment, and then try to make it as personal as you can.

Second of all, keep in mind that some gifts are so neutral and classic that they can be your best bet if you’re looking for a present for someone you barely know. The list of such gifts includes but is not limited to flowers, gift baskets, and food. Speaking of flowers, make sure to check the meaning of flowers you’re going to buy: not all of them are equally suitable for specific occasions.

Third of all, remember that some occasions like anniversaries or kid’s birthdays might require additional efforts. When searching for a perfect gift to a little kid, ask his or her parents to share some ideas. When looking for a gift for a 5-year, 10-year or X-year anniversary, don’t be afraid to follow the traditions.

Now you know the basics of gift giving, but there are much more fun and important details on the topic. Itching to learn the details? Go see the beautiful infographics below, and you’ll never again find it difficult to find a suitable gift.

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