Summer Safety Tips to Help Keep Your Kids in Line


Summer Safety Tips to Help Keep Your Kids in Line

Now that summer is approaching, your kids are probably going to be spending a lot more time at home. If this is the case for your household, it's probably important to you to make sure your kids stay safe. Especially if you have to work some of the summer, or won’t have time to keep on eye on the kids all the time, they might have to be aware of their own safety some of the time. Luckily, these safety tips below can give them a good start.

Encourage Hydration

Kids can get heat stroke from playing outdoors in the hot summer temperatures, and they can also be prone to forget to drink enough water when busy playing. Encouraging your kids to drink plenty of water is important to keep them healthy and active. Have water bottles on hand to pass out before kids leave for the day, and be sure they know how to refill it safely out of water fountains, and not the irrigation hose.

Teach Water Safety

If your kids are going to be spending a lot of time near the water, such as near the neighborhood pool or a local lake, then it's important to put an emphasis on water safety. Teach your kids about things like not running near the pool, and only getting in the water when there are adults around. If your children do not know how to swim or are not fully confident in their swimming abilities, enrolling them in swimming lessons can be helpful as well. Be sure they know when they are being safe and what protective gear or floaties to have handy.

Make a Rule About Sunscreen

To help kids avoid getting uncomfortable and dangerous sunburns, encourage them to wear sunscreen. Make sure they know they need to reapply their sunscreen regularly in order for it to be effective, especially if they are swimming. If you can, let them apply it a few times themselves and pack a bottle with them if they plan to be outdoors all day.

Prevent Insects

Biting insects aren't just annoying, they can also be dangerous. For example, ticks can make kids sick, and some are even allergic to bees and wasps. Focusing on pest control in your yard and encouraging the use of bug spray can help keep your kids safe and can help keep annoying bugs away.

Make Your Yard a Safe Play Area

If your kids spend a lot of time playing in your backyard, make sure you make the area as safe as possible. Going around and removing stumps and anything else that could pose a tripping hazard can be helpful in preventing your kids from tripping and falling. Make sure all outdoor play equipment has the proper safety equipment such as a net around the trampoline or knee pads and helmets available for bikes. Be sure to also inspect equipment regularly for safety issues.

Install a Security System

If your children are older, you may leave them home alone when working during the summer. If this is the case, consider installing a security system to help keep them safe and to provide you with peace of mind. You can even find home alarm systems, like ADT, that can alert you via smartphone if a door is opened or if the doorbell rings.

If you are concerned about safety issues this summer, there are various steps you can take as a family. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure your kids stay as safe as possible while they are enjoy their summer vacation from school.


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