Child Car Seat Safety Tips


Cheyenne was in two car accidents before the age of three and in both situations the car was totaled.  Luckily her car seat prevented her from being injured and she walked away without any scrapes, cuts, broken bones or even bruises.  I can't tell you enough how important child car seat safety is to me and my family.  With the long weekend right around the corner I thought this was the perfect time to share some child car seat safety tips.  I'm not recommending your kids wear a helmet in the car but this is the only picture I had of him in his car seat, lol.

Did you know car accidents have been reported as the primary cause of children's deaths. Thousands of children below the age of twelve were injured and died annually because of car crashes, and it is so sad to know that these accidents can't be controlled and eliminated even if the driver is a professional or expert driver. But there's still a piece of good news to that, the risks of car accidents can be reduced by using the right or proper child safety car seat.

Child Car Seat Safety Tips

Child Car Seat Safety Tips

Car seats now come in a number of types and forms. With a myriad of types available for car seats, finding the right one can somehow be puzzling. I believe that being informed is the best way to make the right decision in regards to your child's safety.  If you have questions ask a professional like your insurance agency or even the local fire or police department, they usually facilitate proper car seat installation seminars and are more than happy to answer questions.

I've broken the car seat safety tips down by age since that's the best way to know what's right for you child.

Child Car Seat Safety Tips for Newborn and 1 Year Old Children

For the newborn and those who are at the age of 1, it is always best to use a rear-facing infant seat or a convertible seat in the rear-facing position. When installing the car seat, be sure to set the shoulder straps below the child's shoulder level, and always review the manufacturer's instructions or manual thoroughly. This recommendation is ideal for children up to 20 pounds and 26 inches long.

Child Car Seat Safety Tips for Children Age 1 to 4

For children age 1 to 4 or those who are up to 20 to 40 pounds and 26 to 40 inches tall, the use of a forward-facing seat or a convertible seat in the forward-facing position is often recommended. The best position for the straps is at or above the shoulder level.

Child Car Seat Safety Tips for Children Age 4 to 8

For those who are 40 to 80 pounds and 40 to 57 inches tall, a belt-positioning booster seat or a high-back is the perfect type of car seat to use for ultimate safety. It is best to choose the belt-positioning booster seat that uses the vehicle's lap-shoulder belt.

Remember the safest place for your child is in the backseat.  Don't take a chance always check to ensure the seat is properly latched or tethered into the car before placing your child in the seat.  Check the buckles and tighten up those seat belts.  By taking a few extra steps each time you put your child in the car you might just be preventing a serious injury if you'r ever in an accident.

If you're going to be out on the road, be safe!

Safe Travels!




  1. My child is about 9 months old and I am glad that I came across such informative blog. Really, making a right choice is difficult. Your tips will prove to be very helpful for all the parents as child safety is always important. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful information.

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