4 Fun Ways to Stay Fit with Your Furry Friend


The New Year always brings new goals and healthy lifestyle changes.  Motivation is an excellent tool to have and with an accountability partner that is a cute furry friend you'll be well on your way to accomplishing the goals you've set.

Having a pet is a sure-fire way to help us stay fit.  There is no  better way to keep active than by incorporating your dog's needs with your own.  I hope you'll enjoy these 4 fun ideas to stay fit with your furry friend.

4 Fun Ways to Stay Fit with Your Furry Friend

4 Fun Ways to Stay Fit with Your Furry Friend

Pick up the Pace

Walking your dog for business as well as pleasure is necessary but can get boring. Why not spice things up a bit by powering walking with your furry friend.

Start off slowly, allowing your dog to sniff and smell along the way and then pick up the pace. Power walking is a great way for you to increase your cardio as well as give your dog a bit of a workout too.


Bring the Toys

Dogs love to playing fetch.  Take along a ball or frisbee and throw it around, not only is it good exercise for you but fun for the dog too!


Swim Time

Most dogs love the water and what better way for both of you to get into shape than to hit the beach, weather permitting. Have a good swim alongside your dog for a great workout!  Not sure if your dog is a swimmer?  You can always get a doggie life jacket.

Hit the Trails with your Furry Friend

Hit the Trails

This is my favorite thing to do with Lou!  WE hit the trails by the house and go down along the river.  Jogging through trails that are a little hilly will give both you and your furry friend a great workout and a fresh mindset as well.

Jogging in the woods and on trails gives you and your pet a connection with nature and when you are connected, you feel fit.  But don't forget your poop bags!


Don't forget proper nutrition when you get home for you and your best friend!  Lou loves the Petcurean Venison recipe and I like to grab an overnight oats from the fridge.

What's your favorite way to stay fit with your furry friend?


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