Social Benefits to Owning a Pet


We've all seen those movies where the cute guy uses his puppy to strike up conversations with women everywhere he goes.  In reality, this is true for any pet owner as they open up many social aspects for us.

social benefits to owning a pet

Let's take a look at the many ways owning a pet brings us social benefits!

A Walk in the Park

Owning a dog is one of the best ways to become social, especially in the outdoors.  Whether you're walking around your neighborhood or in the park fresh air is good for everyone.

I like how walking in my neighborhood gives me a chance to meet the neighbors and chat with the ones I see almost every day.  Walking in a dog park opens up the opportunity to meet other like-minded pet owners who are looking to socialize and exercise.

Kids at the Dog Park

Taking Care of Your Pet

Taking care of your pet means visits to the veterinarian, groomer and local pet shop.  These places offer the opportunity to meet pet owners who are local and have similar interests in their pets. The great thing about socializing in these places is that you meet so many different types of pet owners with just as many pets.

Get out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation whether it is about your favorite spots to walk your pet or your favorite food for your pet.

The Benefits of Socialization

Did you know that too much alone time can cause many adverse health issues such as:

  • Panic attack
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

It is important to note that obesity, joint disease, and heart disease are adverse effects of sitting idly alone.  Socializing is a vital part of our well-being as well as our pets.  Your pet depends on you for physical activity and socialization.

Getting out and walking, sniffing the scent of other dogs, meeting and playing with other dogs are all important in keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Even the saddest part about owning a pet can provide parents and children alike with a great life lesson, learning about death and coping with it. Sadly it is a topic nobody can escape forever but one that is learned with pets because of their obviously lower life span. Kids can learn about pet burials and dealing with the loss of a loved one as they age which can be a valuable life lesson as opposed to learning for the first time with the passing of a close relative or god forbid a parent. 

Owning a pet is a fun responsibility that is a blessing for both of you, having a pet is a great way to break the ice and get out and socialize.

What's your favorite activity to do with your pet?

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