Roadtrippin’ Solo with the Kids!


Wow is all I can say.  We made the 18 hour drive down to Las Vegas – by we I mean the two kids, their dog Lou and myself – and I arrived with sanity!  It is hard to believe how easy it was to drive with them and how our plans changed and we just took the road one mile at a time not knowing what we next or what to expect just enjoying being in the moment.  I have to say roadtrippin' solo with the kids was one of the best ideas I've had so far this past year.  Ever since selling the business and being a stay at home Mom life has given me some amazing opportunities to grow as an individual and this is definitely one of those.

Roadtrippin' Solo with the Kids!

Roadtrippin' Solo with the Kids!

What I learned:

  • knowing where the road leads is the best plan
  • being prepared for anything and everything makes life easy
  • load up at grocery stores so you can make less stops and eat healthy
  • breathe, sing and be open to new experiences
  • I can do anything I set my mind to

It is funny because when I initially thought of driving down instead of flying I was nervous and thought that by the time I arrived in Vegas I would have frazzled hair, bags under my eyes and be exhausted.  But the fact is after putting a lot of time into planning and packing the trip became easier and easier.  Originally we decided to do it in three days but once we were on the road two days was more than enough.  The kids were happy I was happy and the dog, well she was just happy she wasn't being left at home.

Before we left both sets of parents as well as my husband wanted us to check in with them so they had piece of mind and knew we were ok.  I'm against using my phone to text or even phone while driving so I was in search of a way to make my life easier and not feel like I always had to check in.  I found an awesome app Life360 that used our GPS location and shared it to only those who I invited to view it either online or using the app.  Great tool and it made everyone happy, plus its free!

Today is the first day I've felt back to normal after driving and irregular sleep patterns and I can't wait to share more from the trip with all of you.  But today I'm going to enjoy my first well rested day and celebrate pool side!


I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation!

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