Putting Royale® Tiger Towel™ to the Spring Cleaning Test


Last week we covered how I’m going to tackle spring cleaning; it isn’t going to be easy but slow and steady wins the race!

Lately I’ve felt like I’m being pulled in a million different directions and I’m living in the state of chaos. Bring some organization and actually tackling the tasks I’ve been putting off is going to change all of that. With my checklist in hand I’m ready to take on the challenge of spring cleaning!

First up –

Putting Royale® Tiger Towel™ to the ultimate cleaning test!

The durability of the Royale® Tiger Towel™ is why I chose it for my spring cleaning tasks. I decided to put it to the ultimate test as we organize the garage, clean my car and bring the Jeep out in anticipation of hitting the back roads!

It is hard to believe how much dirt and grime can build up on a vehicle inside and out. It might be from all the adventures we head out on but I think it is just like anything if you neglect it long enough it becomes a project you need to tackle. I made this simple checklist to make the task a little simpler and to give everyone a simple process of cleaning their car from top to bottom.

Car Cleaning Checklist

The test – can Royale® Tiger Towel™ stand up to deep cleaning a vehicle inside and out?

Cleaning the car

After we removed all the toys, garbage and tools from inside the vehicle we were ready to tackle the interior. Using the Royale® Tiger Towel™ we went to work getting every little nook and cranny.

Cleaning the vents

Now that we’ve tackled the interior it is time to tackle a bigger challenge – under the hood! Lifting the hood of the jeep we knew this would be the real test for Royale® Tiger Towel™ to see how long they could hold up!

Putting Tiger Towel to the test


We were surprised at how durable the Royale® Tiger Towel™ was for the job! Even when used on a few of the tougher spots they stood up to the ultimate test!

Royale Tiger Towel Test

Want more cleaning tips? Follow the #TigerClean hashtag!

How do you tackle cleaning your vehicle?

Chatelaine Tasters Testers 2015

As a Chatelaine Taster & Tester, I was asked to participate in the Royale® Tiger Towel™ initiative. As always, all opinions are my own.

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