Parenting 101: 5 Signs it’s Time for Your Child’s First Dental Visit


Parenting 101 5 Signs it's Time for Your Child's First Dental Visit

Just like a pediatrician ensures your child's overall health while they develop, so too does a dentist ensure that your child's mouth develops without problems.

The challenge in introducing your child to the dentist is getting the timing right. Parents will often put off the dentist until serious problems develop, but these problems are the kind that could have been prevented by seeing a dentist earlier.

Below are five signs that you should schedule your child's first dental visit.

1. Discomfort before Your Child's First Tooth

Your child will often display discomfort before their first tooth emerges. If that discomfort turns into something that keeps them from eating or sleeping, then something may be wrong with their teeth or gums. They may even have impacted teeth, which could lead to problems later in their life.

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, then it may be time to schedule an appointment with the dentist.

2. The Emergence of Your Child's First tooth

According to Smith Family Dental, when your child's first tooth emerges, it means that their other teeth should also soon emerge. While these teeth will generally be replaced by adult teeth, it's important to ensure they develop correctly to ensure the rest of their mouth develops correctly.

You should schedule a dentist appointment when your child's first tooth emerges to ensure a solid foundation for the rest of their teeth.

3. Extended Teething

It's completely normal for young children to teeth while forming their first set of teeth. It may even be beneficial to do so.

It's when they continue to teeth well after that first tooth erupts that there may be a problem. They may be harming the teeth that have erupted or the overall health of their mouth if teething goes on for too long.

If your child is experiencing an extended period of teething, then it may be time to schedule a dentist appointment.

4. Your Child's First Birthday

If your child's dental development has been free of problems, it's still a good idea to see a dentist by their first birthday.

Most problems that will occur with the development of their teeth or their bone structure can be determined at the time of their first birthday. Correcting these problems early can result in less costly dental bills down the road and a happier child.

5. Oral Pain

As your child's teeth begin to develop, they may experience some discomfort. It's when that discomfort turns into pain that you should begin to worry.

Pain is often a sign of impacted teeth, malformed teeth or another issue that could affect the overall health of your child. Correcting these issues early can give their mouth a better chance of developing normally, and may help their adult teeth develop without problems.

Scheduling an appointment with a dentist when your child experiences oral pain is generally the best idea. Their dentist will be able to solve almost any problem that your child's mouth might have.

Appointments with Your Child's Dentist Shouldn't Be Missed

The job of your child's dentist is to ensure that they have a happy, healthy mouth filled with teeth that will facilitate their needs throughout their development into adults.

By recognizing the signs mentioned above and scheduling an appointment with your child's dentist, you'll help to ensure that their mouth is in the best condition possible. You may be able to prevent problems that last a lifetime by correcting them during your child's earliest years.


  1. Your recommendation to schedule an appointment as soon as possible is probably not one many people would consider on their own. It’s nice that you acknowledge how important an early start can be.

  2. Awesome post, definitely some great tips and advice. It’s certainly important to know when it’s time for your child’s first visit. Thanks for sharing!

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