Outdoor Safety: Words of Advice to Share with Your Kids


Outdoor Safety Words of Advice to Share with Your Kids

The warmer weather means that your children will probably spend more time playing outdoors. While the fresh air and exercise can prove beneficial for your child’s health and wellness, you want their time to also be safe. Before you let your kids enjoy some outdoor fun, have a discussion concerning the following safety tips.

Know the Rules

Encouraging your child to play outdoors can boost their creativity and stretch their imagination. It’s also a great way for your kids to burn energy. But before you allow them to play with their friends, you should set some ground rules. This includes a call or text if your child is going to be late or there is a change in plans. Your child should also check in periodically throughout the day. There should also be a set time for your child to come home.

Be Consistent with Bug Application

Mosquitoes are typically your child’s number one enemy when playing outdoors. You can banish the blood sucking insects in your yard through a regular mosquito control program. Monthly applications target the pesky pests where they live using specialized equipment. Regular spraying also helps protect your family from harmful diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus and Lyme disease caused by ticks. In addition to regular spraying, apply bug spray to your child’s clothes if you know they’ll be hiking or exploring outdoors.

Set Safe Outdoor Parameters

No matter if you live on a cul-de-sac or other remote spot, you should advise your children that the street is never a safe place to play in. If you live in a congested neighborhood, you may also not want them to play in the front of the home near strange passersby. If your children are going to be playing outdoors, you want to set safe parameters for them. Your fenced in back yard is typically the best spot, but you still need to keep constant watch over them.

Stay Alert to the Weather

If your child is having fun, they may be caught up in the activity that they are consumed with. Unfortunately, storms can arise in an instant. If your child notices a change in weather, they should report home immediately. You can also instruct your child on areas that are safe to seek shelter in case of a weather-related emergency. Hiding underneath a tall tree is never recommended during lightning storms.

Avoid Strangers

A stranger may approach your child while they’re out with their friends. But no matter how kind or interesting this unknown person may seem, they are still a stranger. If someone approaches them, they should head indoors or run away from the person immediately. If your kids aren’t near home, they should seek assistance from a family that they are familiar with.

Wear the Right Equipment

Outdoor activities can include a number of things for children such as baseball, footballs, soccer, biking or games of tag. If your child is participating in sports, equipment such as a bike helmet and mouth guard can keep them safe from harm. Even simple activities such as hiking warrants caution. To stay protected from bugs, tree branches and poisonous plants, make sure your child wears pants and shirts with long sleeves when navigating outdoor nature paths.

Refuel the Body

Children playing outdoors are going to burn lots of energy. Whether your child sweats profusely or not during the exerting exercises, you want to ensure that they fuel their bodies regularly. While children may lean toward sugary drinks to quench their thirst, stress the importance of water. You should also ensure they have nutritious snacks available such as apples and peanut butter, crackers and cheese or yogurt.


The upcoming season is the ideal time of year for your child to get outdoors and play. While you want them to have a great time with their friends, you also want to keep them safe. That’s why it’s important to impart the above helpful advice before they go outside.

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