One Hot Mama – Gotta Have It


I have to say for all you new Momma's out there I have found the perfect book for you!  If you are unsure of what to do to get the YOU back after having a baby you need to get a copy of One Hot Mama!  I was pleasantly surprised by the honesty that the author, Erin Cox, has.

After seeing the video and reading the book I thought I owed it to you all to let you know that this book would make the perfect gift for every new Momma out there!  For those new Mom's who are unsure of what to do or how to get your body, relationships, and you back this book with answer all of those questions.

Erin, is a mother of three and a military Mom who has witnessed a ton of Mom's from all different backgrounds who have made life work being a Mom and redefining who we are as individuals.  Sometimes when we get the new title of MOM we lose the sight of who we actually are and this book reminds us of that.

One Hot Mama is organized in twelve weekly chapters that focus on a variety of topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental balance. Each chapter includes simple exercises along with instructions on what to do. The chapters can be read weekly or all in one sitting and would be beneficial either way. The best part is there is also has a comprehensive website that supplements the book. Each chapter has a a concise summary is given at the end followed by a short affirmation that can be read over and over for encouragement, which is nice because we ALWAYS need a reminder of the bigger picture, SELF!

For all the new-Mom's out that are unsure of what to do next or need that extra bit of encouragement this book is for you!  Grab your copy today or ask for it as a shower gift!

What's your favorite pregnancy related book?

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